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This weeks WW theme is to talk about a Waifu in a show you're currently watching! I'm choosing Emilia from Re: Zero for this card. I think she's great, and thought I'd show off a cool cosplay of her I found for my WW card.
This show isn't anywhere near complete, and there's already amazing cosplays coming out of the show! This cosplayer (流一喵) is super talented, and has managed to bring Emilia to life perfectly!
Character is Emilia from the ongoing show Re: Zero!
This water & light scene is so beautiful - she did so well!

And her pictures with Puck are so, so, SO cute!

I really am considering cosplaying her someday. What do you think?

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that is amazing
2 years ago·Reply
perfectly done!!💖😄🎊💖😄🎊
2 years ago·Reply
purrfection. I'm in love
2 years ago·Reply
this is my advice to you , do what makes you happy... remember this: shoot for the moon ,even if you miss you'll land Among the Stars. @alucard9768 lol I always said it the other way shoot for the stars so that its okay if you only make it to the moon or the like cuz if you aim lower youll never make it even that high
2 years ago·Reply
This is truly the most amazing cosplay I have ever seen.
2 years ago·Reply