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We all know that when something hot in an anime happens, characters (especially those who are sexually weak or inexperienced) get nosebleeds. But did you ever wonder why?

First off, is it even possible?

One doctor says probably not: “It’s true that blood pressure rises when we’re sexually aroused, and it’s been well documented, but there is no connection between arousal of this kind and nose-bleeds.”
Still, it is true that excitement & arousal can lead to quicker blood flow & pressure. If you're already susceptible to nose bleeds, then it actually might be possible for you to get a nose bleed from being excited.

But then, why?

The same doctor has a theory: “In the past, people like pro wrestlers would intentionally give themselves small cuts on their forehead in order to build tension and atmosphere in a match. I can only imagine that the idea of extreme stimulation and an excess of energy was portrayed in the same way with nosebleeds, and it’s come to be the accepted method of representing that feeling.”

TL;DR: The nosebleed is meant to represent another type of release....you know, a more sexual type XD

Its not that people actually get nosebleeds from being arouse. Anime is just being R rated without being so R rated :P

The more you know :D

It's a viewer friendly version of a boner pretty much 😂😂
name of first anime please too
haha these look like funny animes,whats the names? pls and thank you^^
if it too hot or so it can cause it its happen to me couple times..its weird
@JoseYzaguirre Sudden rushes of blood to the head don't usually cause nose bleeds in real life, though :P
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