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Just found some of these, thought they were funny and wanted to share some "short descriptions" of anime.

Can you guess what these shows are?

1. A buff dude fights a vampire in 1800's England. All his descendants are beautiful and weird.
2. He plays piano and she plays violin. But they both play with my heart.
3. Aliens invade feudal Japan. A lazy ex-samurai has trouble affording rent.
4. Everybody's trapped in a game and there's no win condition to leave. Political engineering ensues while the game's mechanics are creatively re-implemented.
5. School girls doing fun things. Countryside version.
6. Cute girls doing cute things with a "pet." It's actually symbolism for growing up and suffering.

I'll post the answers in the comments in an hour or two!!

1 Jojo's bizarre(once you put down buff men and vampires it popped up in my head) 2 Your lie in april 3 Gintama 4 Sword Art Online *side glares of hate and salt from this anime* 5 Yuru Yuri (?) 6 Madoka Magica
@SimplyAwkward Number 5 is Non Non Biyori lol
2. shigatsu wo kimi uso 3. Gintama 4. log horizon 5. nichijou
@hikaymm @SimplyAwkward but sword art online did have a win condition.... beat the tower lol. Other than that, spot on.
got #2, 3, & 4 right XD
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