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Whenever someone tells me how good of a mother I'll be someday, I remember that I have little-to-no patience.

Parents of Vingle, how the hell do you do it?!
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Mine are little wild things, I just throw food and toys at them and hope they don't kill each other. Not really, but it's funny when people ask "Are they only like this when other people are around?" and I'm like "Nope...this is them from 5 am to 9 pm...if I'm lucky enough to get them in bed on time." And you can see their reproductive organs running in terror. I think the only reason I've survived this long is because I know how to feed the ADHD beast...with a constant flow of activities and information.
Mine is only a year old so I'm too sure yet
lol so me in the future XD
That would totally be me if I was going to have kids!! Haha, but I am not having kids, ever.
What a hot dad.