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Kabedon is the move where a guy (or girl, I suppose) puts their arm on the wall, basically trapping another person between their bodies and the wall. We have all swooned over this at one time or another. But what about Agokui?

Agokui is, in my opinion, much hotter :D

Agokui comes from two words. "Ago" refers to the chin and "kui" is the creak sound that is made when doing something like opening a window.
Together, the two words refer to the moment when one person places their hand under the chin of another and lifts their face in closer, often for a romantic embrace or kiss!

What does it do?

- It shows affection
- It's incredibly tender & demonstrates softness / understanding
- It show's the ability to show how you're really feeling
- Shows how you're feeling when you're not sure how to say it yet
Now, let's look at some great examples of agokui in anime!
(potential spoilers below!)

Ao Haru Ride [Blue Spring Ride]

There's actually multiple moments of agokui in this anime, but you can see just how much Kou cares for Futaba in the scene where they're standing in a living room together. Kou is caressing Futaba's blushing face in the famed agokui position!! It really melts your heart when you watch it. They don't even say anything, and it's still romantic.

Say "I Love You"

Ahhh, another super popular romance anime. Of course we get some agokui in here! The realllllly nice agokui scene in this one ends in a proper kiss (that's pretty detailed for an anime, lol). It really shows how natural the moment is, proving that this little move shows just how much you care about someone & how tenderly one can express it.


You can ONLY do this when the mood is right & it's clearly to express tenderness. Use it as a "move" to get a girl to like you and you might get slapped. I don't really like it when people touch my face or try to grab me by the neck unless the mood is right, so remember that :P
PS. This is a great pose for cosplay ;)