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Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here! This week's theme is appreciating underrated kpop groups. I choose 'Hyukoh' & 'Say Yes' because I feel like they don't get a lot of attention and there's many people who probably have not heard of them before. Their music is beyond amazing! Like so many people are sleeping on them, they should wake up because they are the real deal too! What I like about them is that their music is so unique from the others. They are very talented & handsome!
Hyukoh is a South Korea indie pop and rock band who formed in May 2014 and is under Artist Management Company DRDR from 2014 & present and under HIGHGRND from 2015 & present. HIGHGRND is a sub-label under YG Entertainment. Epik High's Tablo is the president of HIGHGRND. Anyway There are 4 members, Oh Hyuk, Im Dong Gun, Lim Hyun Jae, & Lee In Woo. They released their debut EP '20' on September 18, 2014. Hyukoh have experienced success in the underground music, selling out small venues! They were on the the popular variety program "Infinite Challenge" and they received many positive feedback. They broke top ten of the Billboard World Albums Chart two months after their release of their second mini album '22'. So far, Hyukoh have won 7 awards! ● 2015 - 7th MelOn Music Award ~ -Top 10 Artists- ● 2015 - Naver Yearly Ranking~ -Most Downloaded Song: "Wi ing Wi"- ● 2016 - 25th Seoul Music Awards~ -Performance Culture Award- ● 2016 - 30th Golden Disc Awards~ -Best Rock Band Award- ● 2016 - 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Award~ -Discovery of the Year (Indie)- ● 2016 - 13th Korean Music Awards~ -Newcomer of the Year- ● 2016 - 13th Korean Music Awards~ -Best Modern Rock Song: "Comes and Goes"-

Oh Hyuk

• Leader, Vocals, & Guitar • Birthday: October 5th, 1993 • Moved to China with his family at 5 months of age, and moved back to Korea in 2012 to major in art studies at Hongik University. • He started performing under the name “hyukoh” on his own in 2013, and the band formed around his demo for what ended up being hyukoh’s first EP (20). He writes and composes almost all of their songs. • Has a lot of tattoos, eg. China and the Korean peninsula on his chest, a heart with “hyukoh” in it on one of his legs, “20” and a cross on one of his ears, Paul McCartney on an arm, etc.

Lee In Woo

• He plays Drums • Birthday: June 14th, 1993 • Graduated from Seoul Music High School, not enrolled in university. • Played piano, flute and violin as a child. • Learned speed skating since kindergarten and was pursuing it as an athlete, until he broke his leg and gave it up for music. • He’s been friends with Hyunje since high school. • Has a dog called Coco.

Im Hyunje

• He plays Guitar • Birthday: July 31,1993 • Entered Seoul Institue of the Arts as a top student, but currently does not attend school. • Has been doing music since middle school. • Is a big fan of cats and dogs. •Originally played bass in the band. •His favourite type of movies are 80’s and 90’s science fiction like Brazil and Blade Runner

Im Donggun

• Bass • Birthday: April 4,1993 • Majored in music at Howon University. •Has been doing music since middle school. •Originally played guitar in the band, but switched positions with Hyunje. •He likes beer a lot. And John Frusciante and action movies. •Used to have long hair.
If you haven't listened to their amazing songs & watched their MVs before here is a little list! 1.) Comes and Goes 2 ) Hooka 3.) Wing Wing Wing 4.) Ohio 5.) Gondry Oh Hyuk collabs with Producer 'Primary'. they make great music together! 6.) Island (my favorite!) 7.) eTunnel 8.) Rubber & many more!!

Say Yes

•Debut: July 25th, 2013 •Label: Music Factory Entertainment

Song Ho Kyung

• Position: Leader, Guitar, Vocal, Flute • Birthday: October 8th, 1985 • Height: 171cm (5ft 7in) • Weight: 57kg (125lbs) • Blood Type: B

Kim Su Bin

• Position: Vocal, Singer-song Writer, & Keyboard • Birthday (Y.M.D): 86.10.29 • Height: 177cm (5ft 9in) • Weight: 60kg (132lbs) • Blood Type: B

Ji Sung Kyu

• Position: Vocal, Guitar, & Keyboard • Birthday: April 23rd, 1990 • Height: 179cm (5ft 10in) •Weight: 56kg (123lbs) •Blood Type: B

Park Si On

• Position: Drum, Saxophone, Bass, Violin, & Rap •Birthday: April 23rd, 1992 • Height: 181cm (5ft 11in) • Weight: 63kg (138lbs) • Blood Type: O

Kim Jun Hyung

• Position: Drum, Bass, Jembe, Rap, & Maknae •Birthday: March 16th,1994 • Height: 173cm (5ft 8in) •Weight: 55kg (121lbs) •Blood Type: O
I think they are seriously on hiatus because I have not heard from them in a long time but I think you should still hear their songs and watch their mvs! 1.) Not A Dream -Omg love this song so much! it gives me chills throughout my body! my feels!! These guys are really sweet, kind, and handsome! They will make your heart melt! 2.) Get Out -This song and MV is crazy good! This is more of their wild, free, & fun loving side of them!
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I'm looking forward to a Hyukoh & Say Yes comeback! What do you think about these two groups? Have you heard of them before? They are awesome!

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Gosh Hyukoh is the best!! Soft jams for days~~~
I love Hyukoh! They were on Infinite Challenge for their last music festival. Wing Wing Wing is one of my favorites. (Sky)
I have never heard of either of these groups, but I like the music! Good grief! There are so many groups out there!