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Time to say goodbye to Timmy.

Lincecum agreed to a one-year deal with the Angels. I don't know how I feel about this. I cannot still imagine Timmy in a different uniform. And on the other hand, I'm glad he's getting another shot to prove himself. I'm also relieved that he's not going to wear a Dodgers or D-Backs uniform.
I would love to see him do well. And he will remain an all-time favorite for me.
One of my favorite Lincecum moments.
Giants fans, I know all of you are going to cherish the 10 years that we had with Timmy.

What was your favorite Timmy moment?

Hopefully he can redeem himself with the Angels!
he was special to me since 2007 when i saw him pitch on my birfday and he handled the bums in la, a trip i made just to watch the giants play on my birfday. the giants bullpen gave up the lead, otherwise i had no complaints...
all good things come to a close. i wish the Giants would have signed him last year before he became a free agent, but i will always love the freak. if he goes to t angels and shows his rare form then they just got a steal. nobody starts and ends their career with the same team anymore and the Giants are no exception to that reality. good luck. maybe our farm league can produce another one like him and madbum
@DucktheFodgers Yeah.....that's my favorite too. Well we just have to wish him the best!
@TessStevens At least it's not the Dodgers haha
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