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Time to say goodbye to Timmy.

Lincecum agreed to a one-year deal with the Angels. I don't know how I feel about this. I cannot still imagine Timmy in a different uniform. And on the other hand, I'm glad he's getting another shot to prove himself. I'm also relieved that he's not going to wear a Dodgers or D-Backs uniform.
I would love to see him do well. And he will remain an all-time favorite for me.
One of my favorite Lincecum moments.
Giants fans, I know all of you are going to cherish the 10 years that we had with Timmy.

What was your favorite Timmy moment?

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@mchlyang It sucks that it had to be in a different uniform...but yeah, I still wish him the best!
@CeezonKing You're right. But I thought Lincecum would be different. And I'm pretty sure MadBum and Buster are all going to end their career in a Giants uniform haha
@edwinthepenguin Whoa that is actually amazing...must've been a really special birthday! Wish it ended with a W though....
@TessStevens At least it's not the Dodgers haha
@DucktheFodgers Yeah.....that's my favorite too. Well we just have to wish him the best!