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Angst Foul language Rated M comedy semi smut ReaderxIdol BoyxBoy Enter with caution (>-<)


What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy?
A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! MY PHOTO EDITING I will be having different cover photo. part 8 --- part 6
It was a cloudy chilly night as B.I roamed the street of Seoul. The sound of cars driving by fast and the city lights flashed oh so bright. But for B.I the city lights could not brighten his night, it was only black and white as he hollered desperately in anger clinching his fist in frustration. He ruffled his hair as he thought to himself  'no matter how hard I try I can even be seen doing anything right' B.I cringed his teeth, drinking down another big gulp of alcoholic.  It's been 3 month seen the last time he had seen Bobby, and what suck was the fact that he saw Bobby with (Y/N). Bobby was holding her in his arm tightly as she rested her head on his chest. You might think 'oh that not bad' what happen next is what killed B.I.  3 Months before.  1 month ago you had just found out Bobby and B.I had a thing. You didn't talk to Bobby for 3 whole weeks until finally Bobby had walk up to you and ask you if you wanted to go to the arcade like you guys use too when you both where kids. B.I had tag along it was kind of awkward it seem like B.I was actually trying to be friends you. It was kind of weird and odd but eventually you got use to it and actually started talking to him lot more. You even invite B.I to your house though he refused quickly with no hesitation. It seems kind of suspicious but you didn't let that bug you, you just shrugged it off and continued with your day that day.  "Hanbin!!!" A voice echoed through the school halls.  Bobby B.I and you turn to see who it was. The boy face was unfamiliar to you but Bobby and B.I seem to have know who this short but taller then you boy was. He was quite the looker. Bobby and B.I run over to him as he run towards them with open arms.  "Jinhwan!!" bobby hollered happily.  Jinhwan jumped in his arms as Bobby spun him around then letting him down. Jinhwan turn around and hugged B.I tightly. He then stood on his tip toes and wraps both his arms over B.I and Bobby causing them to hunch forward. They all chuckled so cheerfully. You watched as they seem too chattered on and laugh, you felt so left out. Bobby quickly looks to his side and notice you staring down at the ground.  "(Y/N)! Come on over here and meet a great pal of mine" Bobby calls you over. You skip on over to them all excited and jolly. You stop right in between Bobby and B.I and waved with a big smile on your face. Jinhwan waved back with a look on his face that judged you silently. You didn't notice and continued waving. "HI! I'm (Y/N) nice to meet you I'm Bobby best friends and childhood friend" you introduce yourself. "Hello I'm Jinhwan I met Bobby at YG camp" you grinned slowly disappeared as you notice another tall guy with a mean look as he approached you all. Jinhwan runs behind B.I and tried to hide using him as a shield.  "You might be small but I still can see you Jinhwan." the tall dark hair mean looking guy states. "Hey Junhoe. How you been dude" Bobby greets him giving him a light hug.  "I've been good, hey Hanbin- I mean B.I" he smile quickly grows as he greets B.I,  But B.I just grins and arched a brow, slightly lifting his head as a signal of saying what's up.  "And you must be (Y/N), Bobby talked allot about you during the summer" Junhoe pulls you in giving you a bear hug.  You pat his back lightly and awkwardly as you try to squirm out of his arm. He notice and lets you go and chuckles. You lose your balance as he suddenly had let you go. Finally catching your balance you stood still you realized you were now standing beside Jinhwan and Bobby was on his other side and B.I next to Bobby whispering something to each other. Bobby nudged B.I and mouth something to him smiling, you tried  to read his lips to figure out what he had said but couldn’t seem to figure out the words he mouth. You had a strange feeling about today. You shook your head ruffling your hair trying to shake off the weird uncomfortable aura. When you look up you notice all eyes were on you. Your face quickly turned pink.  "Anyways why are you two here?" asked B.I "That a good question" Junhoe respond wrapping an arm over B.I shoulders.  "It is now answering it" B.I demands pushing Junhoe arm off.  "We'll be attending this school from now on" Jinhwan shouts cheerfully.  "OMG! No way” Bobby shouted back holding onto jinhwan hands and jumping up and down like school girls "That awesome an all but why?" B.I questions again with an unsatisfied tone of voice.  "Because we'll be Training with-"  "Ah wow I'm so happy you guys are attending the same school as us" Bobby cut Junhoe off by pulling him in for a hug and pressing Junhoe head onto his chest.  "Muff Meh go" Junhoe muffled pushing Bobby away. "Aigoo!” Junhoe grunts irritated as he fix his hair.  The day went on as Bobby and B.I catch up with their friends and you just walked along from behind watching them. School was finally over and Jinhwan offered Bobby and B.I to hang out with him, Junhoe tagged along. But Bobby notice you seemed down all day and refused their offer and walked home with you. Jinhwan and Junhoe gave you a nasty look and walk on off with B.I they seem to have not be quiet fond of you.  On your way home you couldn't help but wonder what you did wrong to make them not like you, you hardly even talk. Actually you didn't even talk at all yet they still had something against you. Bobby playful bumps into you as he notices something seem to be bugging you.   "Yah!" you said pushing him gently.  "What’s the matter" Bobby pats your head and smiles.  His smile always seems to make your day. You smiled back and gently slapping his face. He chuckles and slides his hand down your faces causing all your hair to fall forward. You raked it back and glared at Bobby who continued smiling innocently. Your smile turned devious as you pull his beanie down over his face.  "Aish!” he cooed.  You laugh as you held down his beanie, Bobby grabbing onto your hands as he tryst pulling his beanie back up. You laugh hysterically as Bobby tries to tickle you. You finally gave in losing your grip. Bobby trips over his untied shoe laces and accidentally pushing you. He quickly catches your fall by wrapping his arm around your lower back. Bobby removes his beanie off of his face as your eyes meet his. for a minute your heart felt like it skipped a beat and for some odd reason were Bobby hand was placed began to feel tingly and warm. Your stomach felt all tingly and weird. Bobby continued looking deep into your eyes; slowly he pulls you close and embraces you into his arms. You leaned your head against his chest. You could hear the sound of his heart beat and it was calming. Bobby pulls away a bit, your eyes meeting again he slowly leans in closer to your faces just an inch away. You could breathe in his breath as he could breathe in yours. Finally your lips met, you breathed in sharply as it was unexpected. You didn't kiss him back, you only stood there all tensed up and stiff as a board. The feeling of his warm lips press against yours sent electricity through your body.  Bobby pulls away slowly as he slowly opened his eyes looking at the ground. "I'm sorry" he looks away.  "Uh it's okay" you uttered as you both stood there silently.  "Wow!" you both flinched as B.I voice startled you both.  Bobby eyes widen in fear and your throat felt tight and dry as you gulped. B.I smiled look force as he clapped his hands together sarcastically.  "Wow, congrats on the kiss guys" said B.I his voice cracked with anger.  "Hanbin let me explain" Bobby quickly plead desperately  "Shut the fuck up" B.I growls with a low voice. His eyes burned with hatred "B.I it’s not what it look like" you tried to explain  "Oh really, hmm let me guess he tripped and accidentally his lips touched yours? And for some Strange reason he arms just randomly ended up around you”  B.I Remarks as he walks on up to you. "H-Hanbin I c-can explain" Bobby stutters as his lips quivers, placing his hand on B.I shoulders.  B.I smacks his arm away "Fuck you! What is there to explain huh" He barks "B.I please let us explains" you asked him nervously.  B.I quickly walks up to you and pushes you against a wired fence. The push was quite strong as the fence made a rattling shaking sound. B.I grabs you by the front of the shirt. Bobby grabs onto His arm.  "stop hanbin please calm down" Bobby softly begs him B.I slaps Bobby arm away releasing his hold on you and aggressively  pushing bobby to the ground kicking him in his gut causing Bobby to grasp from forced out air. B.I presses his forearm against your neck glaring intensively into your eyes. "I should have known" B.I mumbles, his eyes tearing up. "Just like your sluts of a mother" your eyes widen as you tried to push him away but failed causing B.I to press harder making difficult for you to breathe.  "Don't you dare insult my mother" you gasped B.I laughs sarcastically as he removes his arm from your neck and grabbing onto your shirt pulling you close as he roll his eyes raking his hair back in frustration, letting out a heavily huff.  "Tell me (Y/N)" B.I says grabbing onto your jaw.  "How much do you know about your father?" He questions you with a cunning tone of voice.  You scrunch your nose and mouth pulling away from his hold on your chin.  "Do you have any idea how much I fucking hate you" B.I voice starches and shakes.  "Let me go, I haven't done anything wrong to you" you pushed B.I away.  "You lying bitch" B.I screeched, you quickly slap B.I, his eyes widen with anger.  "Nobody fucking hits me" you flinched as B.I reach over to you, closing your eyes tightly. You hear a thump, you slowly open your eyes to find Bobby top of B.I, and he had B.I pinned down. B.I squirms around beneath him.  "I should have known you'd betray me" B.I voice shakes as Bobby eyes become sadden.  "I should have know you'd be just like your fucking mother and steal away the love of my life JUST LIKE THE WAY YOUR FUCKING MOTHER TOOK MY DAD AWAY FROM US!" B.I blurts out,  your eyes water up as your throat tightens, your stomach knots up. You pushed off Bobby and grab a hold of B.I collar pulls him close to you. "What do you mean?" you voice cracks as you bite back a cry, “What did I ever do to you for you to hate me so much” you cried out “You were born!” said B.I pushing you off of him; you stared at him with a confused look. “You took away everything from me!” B.I hollers “I haven’t done anything to you! You’ve been the one ruining my life! You bullied me throughout my whole middle school years you made all my friends leave me and turn against me! Yet you still hold a grudged against me!” you states with tears streaming down your cheeks. “Tell me what is the fucking reason your doing this thing to me!” you asked B.I, bobby wrapped his arm around you holding you tightly. “You took away everything from me…” said B.I under his breath. You turn to look at him, you frowned you brow as you marched on over to him nudging B.I on his shoulder. “I have never token anything away from you” you state your voice became hollow. “Tell me what I have stolen from you!” you demand an answer. “My happiness” B.I cried out “What?” you uttered. You didn’t understand what B.I was saying how did you take away his happiness from him? “You have everything I wanted; you have a welcoming home, with two loving happy parents. And I don’t” “And how is that my fault?” “BECAUSE YOU’RE FUCKING MOTHER DESTORY MY HAPPY HOME!” B.I confess “You’re lying” you denied as a sharp pinch was felt inside of your stomached “You want the truth! Then come one!” B.I yanked you from your shirt and dragged you to your house, you digger the heel of your shoes trying to fight back. “Let me go” you cried out. Bobby grabs a hold of B.I wrist “Why are you doing this?” Bobby asked. “Because just how my happiness was once taken away from me so will hers” “But she had nothing to do with it B.I!” Bobby yanks B.I from his wrist pulling him closer to him “Please stop I’m begging you” bobby looked into his eyes but B.I heart only ached as he felt his stomached knot up. “Why did you kiss her” B.I voice deeps and shakes as his tears forcefully slip out. Bobby looks away and gulps, letting go of B.I wrist. B.I starts to chuckle as he rubs his face then pushes his hair back. He takes steps closer to your house as he punches your living room window shattering it into piece. Both yours and bobby eyes shot open. You run over towards him as your parents rush out the front door. “What on earth is going on?” you father said with his arms on your mother shoulder. “Honey what’s going on are you okay?” your mother runs over to you your father following along behind. You nod you head yes as you look over at B.I who stared at his bleeding hand that was filled with broken sharp glass fragments. Bobby ran over to his side grabbing B.I hands. But B.I pulls his hand away from Bobby. “What’s going on (Y/N) who is that boy?” your parent ask you, you shrugged as B.I turns to look at you and your parents. His eyes filled with hatred and anger as he glares with so much passion in his eyes at your father. “Long time no see pal” B.I grunts an cringed his teeth, your father eyes widen as he soon realized who he was “Did you miss me DAD” B.I blurts out, Bobby trying to hold him back from rushing your father. “Honey what’s going on?” your mother asked “Yes honey please explain to your wife and daughter as to why I’m calling you dad would you” B.I exclaimed “I have no idea what this boy is saying” he responds B.I huffs and chuckle in anger. “So now you don’t know who I am huh” B.I slurs “I’m your fucking Son Hanbin!! Remember the one you abandon years and years ago! Remember. I was that stupid little boy who chased after your car when you fucking left my mother to rot in her own sufferment!” “I have no son” his eyes became cold. B.I balled up his fist as he slowly begins to approach your father “Okay, hmm you mother fucker!” B.I rushed your father; bobby quickly ran towards him and pulled him off “Don’t touch me! Don’t fucking touch me! I hate you!” B.I cry out hysterically, pushing bobby away “I swear I’ll ruin her life I swore to take away everything she held dear so one day she’d suffer the way I did!” B.I shouted in agony “Even if it meant I had to also use you!”  Bobby heart drop to his stomach it felt as if someone just tosses the weight of the world on his shoulders. “you used me?” bobby voice shakes B.I eyes grow big, he didn’t meant to say that he was just so piss off. He ignored Bobby question “Answer me!” bobby barked “Yes! I did!” B.I heart ached as he confessed; his whole body began to ache it felt like a big piece of him was being tired out of him. “Tell me you lying” Bobby plead, But B.I only stared at the ground “Tell me you’re lying!” bobby shouted pushing B.I to the ground. B.I held back his painful cry that knotted up in his throat. “Do you love me?” Bobby asked desperately “Bobby don’t cry for someone who isn’t worth your time” you advice him but bobby only pushed you away. “Tell me you love me” Bobby cried out “NO I never did” B.I utters as he dust himself off and walks off. B.I felt shame of the way he reacted but he just couldn’t help it he killed him inside to see bobby and (Y/N) kiss how was he suppose to react. He wasn’t thinking straight and now he roams the street all alone and half drunk, he wasn’t even should as to where he was heading but he continued walking not giving a damn he need time to cool off he messed up enough already. B.I keep on wishing to himself please let this be all just a nightmare. Finally reaching his destination he stops in front of a house.   “BOBBY!” B.I hollers  ///// Bobby was just getting out the shower when he hears a noise from outside. Wrapping the towel around his waist he head towards his window, were you see B.I calling out his name. Bobby rushes down his stairs as he nearly stumbles. “Bobby open da fooking door!” B.I coos Bobby opens the door slowly, peaking out of the slight open part. B.I notice and kicks open the gate door. He makes his way to the door. Bobby opens the door letting B.I in. B.I looks around squinting his eyes as he turns around to look at Bobby who was only in a towel. B.I stares and smirks. “da fuq you naked?” B.I slurs “just got out the shower” Bobby responds with a scratchy voice, his throat was sore from all the crying he had done. “im sorry bobby I wouve you” B.I leans onto Bobby pushing him up against the door making it close shut. Bobby stay still as B.I nuzzles up against him, Bobby slowly wraps his arms around B.I “I didn’t mean it. I really do love you bobby. it just hurt seeing you kiss her” B.I pours out his feeling unconditionally. “it’s okay I know I did wrong I just felt bad for her that why” Bobby explains “mmm you smelled good” B.I buries his face into bobby neck as he breathe in his body scent. B.I begins to gently brush his lips over bobby neck. Bobby takes in a deep breath as chills were sent down his spine. “Bobby” B.I whisper seductively “y-yes hanbin” Bobby stutters “lets go all the way tonight please” “w-what huh?” Bobby eyes pop open as his heart starts pounding loudly “lets make love” B.I pulls Bobby in for a deep passionate kiss.    
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@lilbr0wneyes it's not the ending trust me there more xD
@twistedPuppy omg this was a close one I wanted to kill BI for saying he just used Bobby. I had so many emotions in this one I was mad when they kissed. I had a feeling that BI was gonna see the whole thing and when he did my heart dropped I was like noooooo. and wtf when BI said hello dad man no wonder he hates her so much. loved the ending was so glad that BI showed up at Bobby's house. I hope this isn't the ending though I need more 💙💙💙
@Sammie99522 lol ayye
@twistedPuppy I always like your stories love! They may kill me and give me all sorts of feels though 😂😈😅😇💗
@Sammie99522 lol I'm glad you like it though
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