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Five Funny Questions: The Game!

It's been a while since we've done a silly card challenge here, and there's a lot of new faces in the Funny Community, so I decided it might be fun to try a new card game!

I'm going to pick five random funny questions. Can you create a new card and answer them? Feel free to spruce it up with fun pictures and gifs!
If I get more than 5 of you to answer, it might turn into a weekly game!

#1: Did you have any weird childhood nicknames?

Growing up, my dad used to call my sister and I 'Doo' and 'Doo-Doo'. (The best part was that my sister was 'Doo-Doo'. My childhood was spared of nickname-enduced trauma.)

#2: If you were a Star Wars or Star Trek character, what or who would you be?

I'm a way bigger fan of the Star Wars franchise, but if I had to pick to be anyone or anything from Star Wars or Star Trek, I would probably be a tribble.

#3: Would you ever consider living in a nudist colony?

Probably not. I'm really sensitive to temperature, and once it started dipping below 70 degrees, I'd probably be super chilly.

#4: What color did you think 'The Dress' was at first?

BLUE AND BLACK. But then when I finally saw what other people were seeing, I turned into a White and Gold loyalist.

#5: If you could dye your hair any color, what would you dye it?

I always liked that violet grey color that Nicole Richie has. (I've lowkey been a huge fan of Nicole Richie for a good third of my life. Anyone else used to watch 'The Simple Life'?)


Now go create a card and answer them too!

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