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Do you think your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend could guess you based on whats in your makeup bag? Should they be able to!?
Personally, I don't think being able to know the items your S.O uses is that important, but I do think we can all learn something from Safiya's boyfriend in this video!

To be honest,

I think one or two of my friends could probably figure out which makeup bag is mine, but I don't have a boyfriend so I'm not sure if he'd be able to figure this out.
I just love, love, LOVE that Safiya's boyfriend really knew what she liked & clearly pays attention to the things she says, even when it comes to something he's just not into himself. Cool, right? That's what I think is important here: paying attention to the things your S.O loves, even when it's not your interest.

What do you think would be the giveaway item in your makeup bag?

For me, I think it would be my lipstick maybe. I talk about how much I like it a lot, and I wear pretty much the same color daily sooooo if anyone were to recognize me by my makeup, it would be that!
Considering I use literally ONE thing in the morning, if my boyfriend got it wrong it would be so funny haha
My husband should not fail at this because he was there when I purchased my liquid liner and brow kit. it would be sad if he forgot lol.
I'm surprised they did so well! Glad they paid attention hahah I definitely would have been thrown off by the two bags having some of the same products!