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What up! It is Day 9 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge! *cue hysterical screaming here* And today is dedicated to the one, the only, LuHan! Now I won't deny I have a huge soft spot for this dork. He is just so cute, his expressions are priceless, and we have the same birthday and same go to coffee drink (Iced Americano how you do). So even tho it's late, I gotta show my boy some love. If yall haven't checked out his solo stuff, you need to hop on it stat. He's doing a lot of experimental stuff and it's AMAZING! None of these images are mine but I just had to share Luhan's greatness.
This kid and his ponytail.
Yes, yes you're manly Lulu whatever you say.
Well okay...pretty manly.
While I think he looks better without all of the makeup, I love the purple hair.
Sigh. He is beautiful.
Just some cuteness with EXO. cute and he loves his kitty so much. If you've ever seen Is That You Luhan?, it's all about his kitty spying on him while he's away. Aigoo, too freaking cute.
🎶Blow it like a flute whooo oooo show me what it do whooo oooo oh yeah I'm just tryna change your life better prepare bend that body like a gymnast la la la la la la la la🎶 ........ totally mixed up the lyrics😂
luhan my first bias in exo ,but chanyeol has filled in your spot 😩💘 LOVE YOU XI LU HAN 💘💘💘
@ScarletMermaid ahh I love that deer
the feels are so real
i love Lulu ❤😘😄👌