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Alright, what the hell is The League?

Well, it's a super exclusive dating app only for the best and the brightest.
It puts a lot of weight on how many Facebook friends you have, how many LinkedIn connections, etc. You should make a lot of money, go to a good school, preferably own a business lol. Then you're put into the system to be judged.

They get back to you with SUPER personal yes or no's - they seem pretty harsh.

Four people tried to get into this dating app, and it wasn't easy...even with a one-on-one meeting with the CEO.

What do you think of this app? Super smart or super lame?

It seems to be basing a lot of the screening process purely on superficial qualities, which, if you're shallow is perfect for you, I guess.
super stupid, I don't need an app ta tell me I'm a loser...that's what my friends are for馃榿馃榿
I hope this not a front for elite escort service....
well I'm bored got 5 hours to kill why not............ .............. no I'm not shallow I'll see what this is it's only for IPhone not android
this just marks the pinnacle of the superficial attitude a lot of people have now... so what I'm not a CEO.. I'm a real man that doesn't need to pretend and that's money in my bank
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