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You Can Find Your Arch Nemesis on OKCupid

OKCupid lets you sort your matches based on if you're similar...or if they're your enemy.

So of course, someone decided to message their highest rated enemy that would agree to go on a date with them.

Do opposites attract? FIND OUT:

From my experience, you need to agree on a few key things, but the rest doesn't necessarily matter.

Obviously holding the same basic values is a key to a successful relationship but at the end of the day, your political party, what food you like, how you spend your money, etc, doesn't really matter.

Do you think opposites attract or is that just a silly idiom?

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A little is good but a lot would drive me insane. It's also different for each couple because, for example, my parents agree socially on political matters but differ a LOT on financial political opinions. They make it work, but for other couples that difference might be the end.
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I think a little opposite can compliment each other - But too much opposite would just make a constant battle!
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How money is spent matters a lot in a relationship. There has to be some agreement or it won't work.
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Opposites definitely attract. I don't know which of the opposite side i am so...I don't know whatll be attracted to me
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