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Traveling to Europe is one of my life goals. I want to see those beautiful landscape I saw in magazines and get a closer look at the historical architects. One of my top Europe destination is Greece.

And if you're wondering why I want to travel to Greece...

1. Indoor Jacuzzi/pool with stars on stars on the wall and ceiling. Yes, please. Let me get in that cave.

2. Sleep in a cave-looking room (right next to the jacuzzi)!

3. Fresh Greek salad, seafood, yogurt dip, hummus and pita bread!

4. A morning stroll down this road (Oria, Santorini).

5. The night view of all the lights peeking from the homes of Santorini.

6. Navagio Beach, Greece. This is one of the major film location for Descendants of the Sun!

There's many more reason why I want to visit this beautiful place but you get the point. Has anyone been to Greece? How was it?
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@katieferanord You're the first person I know who's from Greece! Also, you should visit Santorini when you get a chance! It's a beautiful place.