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Ooh, here we go again! It's a tough competition, but I think Itachi Uchiha gets to star in this feature.

**You probably know there are SPOILERS in store in this card, but here's your warning just in case**

It's not exactly his death that gets to me, but the way he carried out his life, the events leading up to his death, and the results of his death compared to what I think he wanted - looking at you Sasuke. Itachi annihilated his clan for the sake of Konoha. He sacrificed so much, but even more than Konoha, he dedicated his life to his dear little brother, Sasuke. In an Oscar worthy performance, he left his beloved village and joined the Akatsuki, playing the part of the villain, while motivating his brother to become stronger.
In that final battle between brothers, he hammered at Sasuke, pulling out all the stops so that he could draw out and destroy Orochimaru's hold on him, playing out the biblical battle between the Shinto god, Susanoo, and the eight-headed serpent, Orochi. After cleansing Sasuke of Orochimaru once and for all, he used his last breath to transfer his Sharingan abilities to him, giving Sasuke all the power and protection he had left.
And what does Sasuke do with it? Well, what's an avenger without a quest for revenge? The dumbf*** decides that his new quest is to avenge his brother by killing the village higher ups who ordered him to murder the Uchiha clan in the first place (though, really, I was happy to see Danzou go), and destroying Konoha, essentially making Itachi's life and all his sacrifices meaningless! I mean, WHAT THE SH*T, SASUKE!? I know I've got a ways to go (the war is about to start, to give you a frame of reference for my progress), but this boy has got some serious redeeming to do.
Additionally, it makes me super sad to think about everything that could have been. A part of me feels like there has to have been a better way, but another part of me feels like Itachi is clever enough that if there was a better way to go about everything, he would have found it. Just think about how Sasuke would have turned out with his loving big brother guiding him instead of revenge. Think about how great a teacher he could have been to then next generation of Leaf shinobi. He took on such a burden, and he deserved so much better than he got, but I bet he didn't even care because that's just the kind of self-sacrificing guy he was.
I know that was long, but there's so much more than just his death that earns Itachi this top spot.

Honorable Mentions

Wow, didn't realize I had so much to say about Itachi! I promise, I'll try to keep these shorter and less ranty!

Akame Ga Kill! - Lubbock

With this anime, you could really take your pick. I considered doing Tatsumi, but I already covered him in my saddest anime scene card. I almost did Sheele, but I honestly think that Lubbock's death hit me the hardest because that was the moment I surrendered to the fact that they would all die in the end. I had hope for Akame as the title character, and a tiny ray for Tatsumi as the main character, but that one was snuffed out. Anyway, back to Lubbock. He was the comic relief character, but also super confident and badass. I vividly remember the sensation of being unable to breathe, tears stinging my eyes, as his Cross Tail shattered while Tatsumi watched helplessly. I should have been used to it by then, but I was stunned; Lubbock's death killed me.

Assassination Classroom - Aguri Yukimura

This one may just be because it's the freshest - THIS IS SUPER RECENT, SO IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP, YOU SHOULD SKIP THIS ONE AND COME BACK LATER BECAUSE MEGA SPOILERS!!! Aguri Yukimura was the Class 3-E teacher at Kunugigaoka Academy before Korosensei, and she was also a lab technician for the secret dark matter experiments which resulted in Korosensei's creation. Long story short, she fell in love with him. In the chaos of his breakout, she was caught in the crossfire. In Korosensei's recounting, he says that if he'd noticed 0.1 seconds quicker, or if he'd practiced using his new abilities to heal, he could have saved her. Instead, all he could do was to take over her post and be the best possible teacher for Class 3-E with what little time he had left. Aguri Yukimura is the reason for all of the best qualities of Korosensei.

Naruto - Jiraiya

I try not to double-dip any anime with these cards, but if there's two things Naruto has an abundance of, it's fillers and heartbreaking deaths. It had been spoiled for me that he was going to die, but I think I still kinda took Jiraiya for granted. He'd created so many remarkable shinobi, Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato, Minato, and, of course, Naruto. When he left Tsunade with that final farewell and a promise to come back, I knew he was a goner. Since Naruto's parents had died so soon after his birth, Jiraiya had been the closest thing he'd had to a parent, and his death brought him one step closer to understanding Sasuke's pain. He left behind a significant mark on Naruto that I think will inspire him for the rest of his life.

RWBY - Pyrrha Nikos

If you haven't seen Volume 3 yet, I hope you saw RWBY and stopped. Otherwise, I'm so sorry. Though a small part of me hopes that Volume 4 will come and everything will be okay, I'm trying not to get too optimistic. Pyrrha was one of my favorite characters in RWBY. She had been struggling with some heavy stuff all season, but Jaune always stuck by her, no matter what. I should have known she was a goner when they confirmed Arkos, but up until this point, the web series had never gotten that dark, so I was stunned when it happened. I guess the writers took a leaf out of Joss Whedon's book (give your characters a moment of bliss, then rip it all away). With the events that transpired in that finale, RWBY has taken a major turn, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it.
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Until next time!
Pyrrha is the one that hit hardest, just.......give me a moment, I really wanted her and Jaune to make it
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