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'All In' will be released in a few hours, so...

thanks to 'MonPlanet' I found what the voting schedule looks like and explanations of how to vote!

*Note: You will need to create accounts for some of these, but not all.

This is what the schedule looks like, but you will have to pre-vote when the MV is released.

AIRTIME: Sunday(KST) SBS Inkigayo

☆ This one only has 2 methods of voting, but also remember to keep streaming video on YouTube because those votes count too!

AIRTIME: Thursday(KST) M.Net M!Countdown

☆ For this one we are going to need a little help from Got7 Bam Bam to help us explain a little more. ☆ BUT all these 4 methods are all valid for voting!

AIRTIME: Tuesday(KST) The Show

☆ Now, for this one you will have to physically buy an album, stream on YouTube, or stream on Tudou. ☆ Tudou can be found by CLICKING HERE! •The video must be fully streamed in order for it to count!






Hwaiting/Fighting Monbebe!

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did I type this right bc I tried using a Korean keyboard 몬스단엑스
It's 몬스타엑스, really close though @KaiJae
Crap I missed this!!!!! DX
@CrookedShadow It's okay 😊 Some day they will get 1st place and it will be the best day ever for both Monsta X and Monbebe!