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Leave it to the professional caterers in Australia to WOW me ONCE AGAIN! This time, the Atlantic Group mesmerizes with this fabulous artisan breakfast lineup of miniature toasted brioche bagels, topped with jam, sprouts and scrambled eggs!
This is what breakfast is all about, especially when you're hosting a fabulous post nuptial brunch.
Remember, the PNB shouldn't be fussy, nor should it be a static timed event. By that I mean that it needs to be easy, breezy and managed more like an open house than a seated affair. Your guests should be free to come and go as their making their way to their departure flights, etc. You want to be able to feed them, have one last parting embrace and wish them well before they say goodbye.
Click here for some amazing food ideas for the actual reception.
@Animaniafreak Now I want to go to an Australian wedding lol.
@danidee thanks for the info! I guess we don't do PNB coz everyone would be too drunk for brunch lol!
This sounds AMAZING. @Animaniafreak PNB it's short for Post-Nuptial Brunch! Idk if they do it in Australia, but in the States, the next morning, the family might host a big but still intimate brunch for the family who traveled to attend before they head back home.
This bite-size burger looks delicious. I think it'll also be a great choice for potlucks.
what's PNB? yeah those sliders are all the rage at breakfast scene in Sydney, if you ever come down here, I recommend the Devon‘s cafe in Surry hill, they serve beautiful breakfast ;)
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