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Don't get locked into a certain way moodboards should be constructed or look like.
Loving this fantastic moodboard that ThePerfectPalette, out of Atlanta, GA put together. In this case, a page from a Pantone swatch book was placed over a bezel faceted charger in gold, topped with ceramic tiles and a band of embellished bridal strap.
Notice what you have here:
* variation of shades
* metal
* rhinestone/pearl embellishment
You get the overall color theme with a metal accent of gold. And to give the event the necessary style flair, there is the BoHo infusion of lace. I love it because this is captured with just a couple tiles, a swatch and a bridal lace remnant!
Find what speaks to you! Corral your ideas and take photos. Rearrange them as needed. Have fun with it. This is your wedding, so let it be all that you hope for and desire!