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All In is finally on YouTube! been waiting all morning for this. and it's soooooo good! I love the video in general. MONSTA X Fighting! they put in so much hardwork. I don't even know what to say I'm fangirling so hard. lol
I'm in school and cant see it ㅠㅠ exam life
@ArmyofKookie basically I believe that the flowers have a strong meaning to the MV! They are all part of a clan + brothers and they are in the middle of a war. I feel like they survive off those flowers or at least Hyungwon does because in the beginning Minhyuk feeds him one of those Delphinium flowers. While Hyungwon is medicated with these flowers the other members try to defend the people (Monbebe?/citizens?). I think people (military and medical ppl) end up finding out that Hyungwon is medicating himself with these flowers so they beat him to death; I'm not sure why Shownu is with that man, though.. Could it be their father figure or head of the clan? The remaining of the members want to get revenge, but realize there is no way out so they run away from the battle. They drink something and I'm guessing that makes them go to another world where they are all wearing white, re-united once again, heading and looking towards their planet? That's what I kind of got out of it... but I'm not sure I have to see the lyrics... what are your theories?
@MonAnnahiX I watched it like 3 times. WHAT ARE YOUR GUYS'S THEORIES?!
Yay!! I was the 4th view I was so happy lol It just came out and I'm already dancing to this! haha
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