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Hi Everyone! So it's been a few days and I finally decided just to post the commentary for the movie! The movie is Grand Piano in case you forgot what movie they all decided on. For a little summary it's a thriller where a pianist is threatened to make no mistakes while he performs on stage or the killer will kill him and his wife. Okay Oh and I'm splitting this up in 2 parts because it's a little bit long.
A trailer of the movie. It's got a couple of the scenes we comment on going on which is cool. Anyway I forgot to mention that the pianist, Tom, he is returning to stage after 5 years.
So we finally started the movie. Five minutes into it I watched as a guy with gray hair who looked creepy appeared and started talking. “I bet it’s him. He looks like the type” I commented. “Dude, we're not even into the main part how can you say that” Trinity said “Well they always appear in the beginning. Acting nice and than change halfway through. And the summary said that he’s going to get threatened with his life and his wife’s life that he he screws up his performance that they would die.” I told her. “Oh look there tuning their instruments.” Tae said a couple minutes into the movie. “Is that going to be a death threat he just received? Or is it really the score sheet. Oh he looks nervous. Well he should be he has to perform in front of a full theater.” I questioned after Tae started. “Is it the janitor?” J hope questioned pointing at the screen. “Don’t just guess every person who stares at him funny. Hey, look at that stage. Huge piano with that red background.” Tae observed on the screen. On screen the pianist takes his seat and tests out the keys before starting. “Oh red mark? What that arrow on the score mean? Is that in blood? Omg that would be creepy. It’s a red mark Ari.” Trinity slaps my arm getting my attention to look at the screen, or her I wasn’t sure which. I looked at the screen. “And there is the threat! Play one wrong note and you Die!” She exclaims as the notes is written on the score sheet. “ Way to go putting it in the margin, good job not covering up the notes. I’d cover up the notes just to make it more difficult. You better look around. But wait no pay attention. Attention must be paid!” I commented and than laughed, as did Trinity. J hope chuckled in front of us. A couple others were trying to muffle their voices. Will you shut up Ari! I’m trying to watch the movie.” one of the guys said as the music started to play. “It’s not like there’s any words, its just music right now.” I commented. “And why is he smiling at her, isn’t her husband up on stage playing to keep them alive? That cheating bitch. Oh no its gotta be him” Trinity pointed to the screen at a guy who was sitting in the audience with a blonde next to him. He was smiling and waving up to the balcony where the pianist’s wife Emma was sitting. “The killer question. Do you think I’m kidding? Look to your right. “ J hope read the note that was displayed on the screen. “Who is it? “ Jimin questioned “Wait does he get a red mark, Omg he does, the gun is aimed!” Trinity questioned trying to figure out if the pianist, Tom, finally his name, anyway trying to figure out if there is a gun trained on him. “Call for help and I’ll shoot you between the eyes. What kind of threat is that. Like he’s going to stop the performance, stand up and go um excuse me everyone. There is a killer in our audience who has a gun trained on me. Can someone please remove him? He’s not that stupid!” I said with a snort at the end. “Oh look another arrow” Tae pointed out. “Are we all on the same point now?” Jimin questioned looking at the first two and than looking at J hope and Tae.” “Oh sorry we got consumed somehow” J hope said. “Have you guys gotten to gun trained on him?” he questioned. A series of yes’s rang out. We were all at the same spot, yey. “ Hey, he might be that stupid. He just left the piano” Trinity pointed out going back to the screen. “Stupid man!” Tae commented. “That red mark moves up!” I said. The red mark went up his body and than he goes to the bench. It indicated he better et back to his seat. “It indicates he better get back to the piano!” Rap monsta said from the front row. “It’s like the killer knew. And summons him back to play” Suga stated. “Oh look at that a crescendo. Fast Pace!” Kooki was getting excited. “ Read the note?” Trinity said. “At the rest go to your dressing room I’ve got something for you, make emma proud” Rap monsta read it. “Oh he gets a present!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think so” J hope said hesitantly “Why would he get a present? And from who the killer?” Trinity commented. “ I’d give him a present, he’s done a good job so far”Kooki said sounding like he was jumping up and down in his seat. “And what he has the time to go to his dressing room. It’s not like piano gets that many big breaks. And thats gotta take at least two minutes if not more. “ Jimin pointed out. “Oh look he gets croissants!” I pointed to the screen. “I want a croissant!” Kooki said. “Me to” Trinity agreed. “Hey a picture of his wife” Tae broke the ring of croissant talk. “Someone can see her oh look she’s got a matching red dot. “ Trinity observed. “That wasn’t the present, he gets an actual present what is that oh he can finally talk to him. Is that a ear bud?” I was trying to keep up with the movie as I talked. “Oh it’s the writer of score” J hope questioned. “No don’t wet your pants.” Trinity said when the people on the screen, finally at last started to talk and the killer questioned if he was going to wet his pants with fear. “Finally they are talking!” Jimin exclaims “Are we just going to talk through all of this?” Rap Monsta questioned looking back at all of us. “Why yes, maybe I don’t know. It’s kinda boring with like no words and only music” I told him honestly “I would have just put a bomb under his seat, it would totally kept him from moving off the seat.” Trinity said as the guy took his seat once again. “What would be- why is he nodding?’ I said pointing to the guy on the screen. “I bet you it’s him” J hope said. “I don’t think so that’s just the guy his wife is sleeping with” Trinity said. “How can you guess that” I asked. “Wait who did he kill? Damn I think your right she is cheating if she’s that bored in bed with him” we missed a huge section of dialogue “Shhh I’m listening” Jimin said telling us to shut up nicely. “. . . “ “The audience is in control” Trinity repeated the line from the movie. “Right now I’m your audience” I repeated the killer’s line. “Dun Dun Dun” She immitated. “Hahahaha” Everyone laughed. “ I think we missed a few things” Trinity said. “That’s okay. I think I”m just making it up as it goes along now” I admitted. “I think so” J hope agreed. “My version is so much better” I said. “Oh the piano belongs to the killer.” J hope said making another guess. “Wait why did he just say patrick is dead. And holy shit why are they bringing his wife into the spotlight” He went on as the movie continued. “I don’t know oh wait she orchestrated most of the event” Tae told him. “Song’s starting” I said “He just pulled out his phone” Tirnity said. “The killer is so going to see that” I stated. “Why is his phone on” Trinity questioned “WHo is he calling?” I asked next. “His Wife!” J hope exclaims. “No someone’s got there ringer on. Wait it’s not his wife it’s the guy his wife is cheating with” Trinity said. “Why did he answer. That women he is with is pissed” J hope said. “They fight over the phone. I think they are together” I said. “Is she going to start a fight in the middle of the performance. That lady totally got pissed for talking. Oh no he dropped his phone. Good save picking it up” Trinity goes into monologue for a moment as the scene unfolds. And now for a short break in between the movie!
so I hope you guys are enjoying it so far! the movie technically is about halfway done but it's really just getting started. I was trying to find a decent pause but idk. it's hard to do. anyway stay turned, the rest will be coming out later today. . p.s. so far my fav part is how j hope continually guesses who the killer is. also with trinity going with her theory the wife is cheating. I have no clue how she got that idea in her head.
Cuz trinity knows a cheater when she sees one lol....idk i think we shoukd a watched this film together
This makes me want to check that movie out now.
Grand Piano is one of those exciting movies Hitchcock would've made. It's a great movie.
@SarahVanDorn. lol it would have been fun. if there another movie maybe so.