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Ruzanna's immaculate gold makeup look has me paralyzed in awe! Absolute AWE!!!!!!!
Gold is just one of those finishes that makes my heart soar and my soul dance the seven chakras. Dramatic a bit? Perhaps, but I love the vibe, artistry and punch of beauty that this brings.
Granted, while this look isn't going to be for everyone, perhaps you can find this inspiring in some way and incorporate it in your own makeup look.

Makeup used:

EYES: Limecrime "Venus I" palette. Shades Icon and Divine. Zenon Lippie in inner corner.
LASHES: Lotus Lashes in 501
BROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills
LIPS: Limecrime Zenon
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obsessed with anything gold!
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Me too @jordanhamilton hahaha
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