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Something about this girl...don't know what...but she brings me life in ways I never knew or thought possible.
Take a look at the clip below.
Alyssa Edwards is your Texas pageant style queen. While she didn't win RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 5), she left an indelible mark on everyone who quickly resonated with her down-home demeanor. And while her comedy schticks throughout the season were forgettable, it was her genuine way of interacting with others and telling stories that made her remarkable.
Of course, this girl is accomplished, can dance on a two-inch beam what most can't do on a safety trampoline. As soon as World of Wonder picked her up for "Alyssa's Secrets", her fame sky rocketed almost overnight.
If you don't know Alyssa Edwards, go spend some time on YouTube. And get your life!
Alyssa is genuine and yes she can tell a story.
I definitely will!
Bianca del Rio is dynamite, truly. major talent. watch season 5!!!
I NEED TO WATCH SEASON 5. I'm still on my Bianca Del Rio kick. I watched her comedy special last night.