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Monsta X All in MV out + my theory?

Okay so it's a love story with hyunghyuk and IM and Shownu. Hahah ๐Ÿ˜น Okay kidding aside I really like the song and the MV I get what's going on for once (maybe haha) So the are the clan rebelling against the government type thing and hyungwons father is abuse bastard. He is trying to be free of him and Minhyuk is helping him do that. Now Shownu father is very sick and he can't afford the hospital bills so he ask Jooheon for help and the come up with robbing a place I can't tell if it's a bank but even after they do that his father dies. Jooheon is the clan leader it looks like he want to help the little guys from the government The flower I think is like some power thing that heals and/or bring people back to life. Which is why they drink it and Minhyuk feeds it to Hyungwon and pores it in the bathtub he want Hyungwon to live. Now this is just my opinion of the MV and I could be totally wrong but again that is how I viewed the MV I want to hear other theory's I think it fun to have them BTS ones are way to far for me haha but I get their concept. MONSTA X fighting
For me the symbolism of the flower stood out the most. The blue flowers look a bit like forget-me-nots (which obviously are used for love and rememberance of fond memories). The painting of themselves makes me think of woad. Woad is a legendary substance (traditionally believed to have been used by the Picts) that was said to make the person who applied it not feel pain (which is why it is claimed they painted themselves with it before battle). It also has hallucinogenic effects (which seem to be implied by the camera work). Although the woad flower is yellow, the leaves make a blue dye which when prepared. I could be way off- but the concepts of "remember the good times" and "I'll take away your pain" seemed to fit.
I was waiting for someone to put their theory, because I thought the exact same thing.
@sherrysahar maybe it's like the heart of everything I have no clue to be honest
What abt the purple thing in the end on sky no one mentioned it lol in theories i think it has a meaning too related to the mv
@LeannePratt lols ok Thanks for this theory
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