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Evangelion is one of those classic, iconic anime that everyone seems to at least have heard about. Which is understandable, since it has giant mechs, existential themes, and a MC who is insufferable, but not for the regular anime reasons of being super overpowered or prodigal. Shinji is kind of a little bitch, actually. In any case, nobody loves Evangelion quite as much as the Japanese people, the birthplace of the anime (and all anime yes of course). This is made ever more clear by the relentless amount of Evangelion themed stuff that seems to be released every year. The latest? A bullet train stylized as EVA 001. Or 003. Hard to remember these things. Seriously, though, the train looks super badass, and I'd catch a ride on it going anywhere, just for the experience.
It's not just the train`s exterior, either. The inside of the train has gotten the same treatment, with the seats and walls all stylized accordingly. There is also an on-board arcade game designed like the cockpit of the EVAs from the anime, though I couldn't find a clear picture of that. Man, as if I even needed another reason to visit Japan.
Death the Kid: IT'S NOT SYMMETRICAL!!!
Wow, it looks like Ford had something to do with this train.
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ughhhh japan, why do you do dis to me