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Jakarta has come into the spotlight recently with Indonesia being hailed as an economic wunderkind. More and more, people are being drawn to the capital of this vast Southeast Asian archipelago in hot pursuit of business opportunities. Parallel to this economic progress, a local creative revolution has been stirring, producing a fresh cultural mix that is uniquely Jakarta in feel, but most certainly global in mind. Visitors who long for something more than a visit to one of Jakarta's famous mega-malls will not be disappointed, even if it may cost a bit of time sitting in notoriously bad traffic. Here is a view into that culture which is decidedly eclectic, definitely individual, often intriguing and never dull. Check out the link to read more about word of mouths about Jakarta.
But maybe some afternoon coffee made it taste better? You were in the Netherlands after all
sorry man, i just collected this article, have not been to Indonesia yet, but I did know that food in there is pretty good since i tried out some Indonesian restaurant in the Netherland :)
really cool pictures, whats the food like in indonesia?