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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Length: 2274 words
Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression
Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.
Part: 19/20
A/N: Thank you guys for 1000 followers on tumblr! No way do I deserve that many lmao, so I really appreciate it! Thank you!!!^^ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥
Y/n’s POV
I knocked on the door, having stupidly forgotten the boys key. A dishevelled Yoongi answered, and I gasped at the sight of him. He looked terrible. Dark circles around his eyes, paler than usual...he looked like a shadow of his former self.
He didn’t open the door all the way, and stood in the way of the gap so I couldn’t enter. “Sorry”, he mumbled, “Jungkook’s not in.” He proceeded to try and shut the door in my face, but I put my hand out.
Jungkook had obviously told him about us. And he clearly wasn’t happy. “I’m not here to see him Yoongi, I’m here to see Tae.”
Yoongi was no longer looking at my face, but at my hand. I looked down and realised he was looking at the ring. “He’s at yours 24/7, can’t he have some time alone?” He was trying to sound harsh and failing.
I looked at his hands- both of them, to be sure- and was surprisingly disappointed to find no ring. But that was to be expected. Yoongi didn’t love me anymore, so those promises didn’t mean anything. I suddenly felt stupid wearing mine.
“Yoongi, I...He. I need to talk to him”, I managed to choke out. My chest was getting tighter and tighter just standing with him, looking at him, and hearing him. Without a word he stepped aside and let me through.
Hastily taking my shoes off, I stopped off at Hoseok’s room first. “Hey Hobi”, I whispered, knowing Taehyung was next door. “Sorry I didn’t text or check the group chat. How was the exam?”
He gave me a genuine smile. “It went so so well y/n. Really hit the jackpot with those questions!” I high-fived him, happy for him. He had been worrying for no reason. “Thank you for this morning.” I shook my head, smiling. “How many times are you going to thank me? You’d do the same for me. Now, rest”, I ordered, hearing him laugh as I left his room.
“By the way”, I heard him, so I stepped back in. “Did yours and Jungkook’s plan get cancelled?”
I frowned. “What plan? We didn’t have one.” He tilted his head in confusion. “He told me and Jin you and him were going clubbing at 10?” I just mutely shook my head at him to let him know this was the first time I was hearing this.
He just shrugged and flopped back down into his pillows, and I left him. I’d message Jungkook later, Hoseok had probably heard him wrong.
Yoongi had stayed downstairs so I took the opportunity to do something quickly before finally going to talk to Taehyung. With a heavy heart, I made my way to his room. His desk was a mess, but everything else was exactly the same.
I let out a stifled sob as my eyes landed on a photo of the two of us on his desk, amongst all the notebooks and papers. It had been dropped or thrown a few times, by the evident cracks in the frame.
I couldn't help the tears as I slowly took my ring off and placed it on his desk- after all, he had bought them, so I should rightfully return mine. He wasn’t wearing his any longer, so I wouldn't feel right wearing mine.
Still crying, I abruptly left his room, shutting the door behind me. I should be over this, over him, but I couldn’t control all those feelings from resurfacing. Even when I told myself he had stopped caring at least a month before the break-up.
Next stop, Taehyung’s room.. I knocked softly on Taehyung’s door. “Tae?”, I called softly. “Hey, it’s me y/n, can I come in?” No answer. Was he ignoring me? I tried again, calling his name, but I was met with silence.
Sighing, I tried his door, opening it gently. Despite my tears, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw him asleep at his desk, a hand over his phone. He had either been texting or scrolling through social media, and nodded off.
I walked in, wiping my eyes, silently scolding myself for being such a baby. I stopped right next to him, and started to stroke his hair. He looked so at peace, so free from worry, that it actually wasn’t my intention to wake him up.
Nevertheless, his eyes fluttered open, and I froze mid-stroke. We both paused- him staring up at me, and me staring back, my hand on his head. Then, to my surprised, he shut his eyes again and muttered “I’m dreaming. I’m still asleep.”
I laughed out loud, making him jump. “This isn’t a dream pabo, I’m really here!” He slowly sat up, looking shocked. “Y/n?” He yawned and I smiled at his almost childlike behaviour.
“What are you doing here?” I moved away to sit down on his bed. “I wanted to talk to you.” There was silence, and I observed him carefully. He looked like he had been crying again.
“Spill.” I ordered.
His eyes met mine. “What? I’m fine.”
“Taehyung, you are not fine”, I crossed my legs and my arms. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”
Wordlessly, he tossed me his phone. “Listen to the latest voicemail, he said. The latest one was at half 9, from Krytal. Just seeing her name made me angry.I turned the volume up, as the sound of her voice filled the otherwise quiet room.
“Taehyung. Just thought I’d let you know that I don’t give a flying shit if you’re over me, because I’ve already found someone. Someone quiet close to you, actually... Jungkook? Yeah, he’s going clubbing with me later. So don’t you think I’m crying after you, you son of a bitch. Bye now!”
I just stared down at his phone, my mouth hung open. This was too much to take in. Why was Jungkook with Krystal? Why would he agree to that? And why had he told Jin and Hoseok that he was going with me?
I was at a loss for words as all me and Tae could do was helplessly stare at each other.
Jungkook’s POV
Jungkook was looking around for y/n in the packed venue when someone tapped his shoulder. He was smiling as he had just seen a “Barman wanted” sign outside- they had obviously fired that sonofabitch Mark and were looking to hire.
He turned, expecting y/n, but his face dropped when he saw who it was. Krystal. With a sickly sweet smile on her face. “The hell do you want?”, he snapped, not even bothering to be nice.
“Y/n just told me she’s on her way soon”, she purred, batting her eyelashes at him. Had Krystal and y/n made up? Unlikely.
He could barely hear her over the crowd. “Can I have a few drinks with you?” His eyes narrowed. He didn’t trust her as far as he could throw her. “No.”
“Pretty please? I’ll leave when y/n comes.” He threw her a disgusted look as he barged past her to get to the bar. Unsurprisingly, she followed, even sitting next to him.
He ignored her, ordering his drink. Y/n would be here soon.
A few drinks later, Jungkook was mad. Mad and drunk. She had stood him up. It had now been an hour and still no sign of her. Krystal wasn’t helping, murmuring sympathetic noises in his ear, and her spiteful chanting of “You thought she liked you?”, only made him more angry and agitated.
Krystal’s hand was casually resting on his thigh, and Jungkook could swear it was moving up further and further. He looked at her, and she suddenly looked ten times more attractive- probably because his vision was blurred.
“Get off me”, he slurred, stumbling off his stool and swatting her hand away. “Babe”, she crooned, standing up swiftly to support his swaying form. “You’ve had too much to drink, why don’t we go home?”
“I ain’t goinanywhere withyouu bitchh”, Jungkook managed to get out. But he still leant on her as she took him out, the cool night air a relieving contrast to the hot stuffy club.
Krystal’s POV
She hailed a taxi, having walked there herself and not being physically strong enough to carry Jungkook to her flat. Suzy wouldn’t be happy about seeing Jungkook again, but Suzy could suck it up.
Krytal couldn’t hide her malicious smile as the two of them sat at the back of the taxi. Even in her peripheral vision, she could see Jungkook eyeing her up. He was so drunk, he had made this easy for her. Krystal was a little tipsy herself, but still sober enough to be control of this situation.
She would have to make a move on Jungkook now if she wanted to get back at Taehyung. She wanted to hurt that bastard so bad. She wanted to see him cry, to see him realise that he wanted her.
She smirked again as she felt Jungkook’s hand on her own thigh. Time to have some fun.
Y/n’s POV
I swallowed the lump in my throat harshly and broke the silence. “Taehyung, why did you tell her you were over her when you clearly weren’t?”
He shook his head, and got up to sit next to me on the bed. “I wasn’t lying, I am over her. It’s just...she’s gonna use Jungkook to try and get back at me, thinking I’ll come running and I....wait, y/n-ah, what’s wrong?”
Tears were silently streaming down my face as Taehyung was talking, despite me doing my best to keep them in. This was all too much. First, returning Yoongi’s promise ring. And now, the boy I had given a chance to was about to screw up again if he hadn’t already.
“Nothing Tae”, I mumbled. He looked scared, as if something he had said had made me upset. “It’s just been a long day and-”
“-You’re with him aren’t you?”, he butt in, looking at me dead serious. I sighed. This was Taehyung, and he could read me like a damn picture book. But still, I acted dumb,
hoping I would’t have to bring this up. After the kiss, the last thing Tae needed to know is that I had let Jungkook back in. This whole situation was a mess.
“What?” I blinked away the remainder of the tears and stared at my lap, avoiding his gaze. “You and’re back together?” His tone didn’t sound accusing, but when I glanced up at him, his eyes certainly were.
“Not anymore”, I spoke with conviction. Clearly this boy wasn’t right for me. The guys weren’t joking when they said “Jungkook takes after his hyung”, (meaning Yoongi), because they were right. Both couldn’t stay faithful. Both thought my feelings were a joke. And both got hella mad when someone said ‘no’ to them.
“Y/n, she might have been lying to get back at me. And if she’s not, she must have tricked Jungkook into meeting her”, Taehyung said softly, squeezing my knee.
“Tae, he told Jin and Hoseok he had plans to meet me. Ok, she might have tricked him, but he’s been gone ages. If he didn’t want to be with her, he would be back home already.”
Taehyung had nothing to say to that. I was trying not to fully breakdown in front of him- too many tears had been shed today. But one thing was for sure. If I saw Jeon Jungkook or that bitch anytime soon....well, what I did to Suzy was nothing compared to what I would do to them.
I said this to Taehyung and his eyes went wide- because he knew I wasn’t joking. My eyes welled up once more as I remembered Jungkook’s spiteful words. And how I swore to myself that I would never forgive him. Why was I so stupid?
His taunts kept echoing in my head.“Everyone fucks you up, don’t they?” Well, that was proving to be true. Yoongi. Suzy, my room-mate. Taehyung’s ex, Krystal. Jungkook- twice. The god damn bartender. Everyone.
I still had the guys though. And Taehyung. That’s all I needed. They were close enough for my presence to not divide their friendship -between Yoongi and Jungkook, and the rest of them. I knew that.
“Tae...wait, never mind”, I started, and then trailed off. I had a burning question on my mind, but now was not the time. “What is it?”,he asked. I thought meeting him after this morning would be super awkward, but I was as comfortable as ever.
When he was met by silence, he pressed me further. “C’mon spit it out, what were you going to say?” I stared at his tired face and the way his hair was sticking up everywhere, and gave a small smile.
“Do you regret it?”, I whispered, staring at a particular tuft of hair on his head. It looked so cute, but I kept the smile in, seeing as I had just asked a serious question.
Judging by the way Taehyung’s face changed from curious to embarrassed, I knew he understood what ‘it’ meant. I was of course referring to our kiss.
There was a pause and then he replied, firmly. “No.” I allowed myself to smile then, and he looked almost relieved before returning the gesture. “Aish, let’s sleep now, and we can talk in the morning.” He nodded in agreement. “I’ll give you a shirt so you can wear those clothes tomorrow.”
It had been an emotionally draining day, and I needed rest. I had a feeling that tomorrow I would need a hell of a lot of energy.
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*flips the table* I'm done! I'm so done! 😭 She should just end up with nobody. Just be alone forever. Chances are, everything's going to go wrong even if she does end up with don't lose your best friend 😢 *secretly waits for next chapter*
Jungkook you had one damn job, I feel like either she will get with tae or back with yoongi for some reason.
One chapter left ???!!!!! What am I gonna do with my life after this stories finished ???? 😭😭😭😭😭 I'm really pinning for a tae/yn ending cause jungkooks just ... don't get me started. Yoongis sorry and shit by tbh I don't think he deserves another chance. Can't wait for the next one!
I'm sad about Jungkook fucking up but at the same time I'm so happy Tae is getting his chance soon.
Doesn't anybody use their phones anymore! 😩. If Jung Kook falls for it again, he doesn't deserve her!
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