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So I don't have a final in periods 1-2 and my VDA teacher came up with this art idea which includes > Canvas > Vinyl > Shreds of Newspaper > Glue And yeah, I laid the strips on the canvas how I wanted and then I glued them down. Then I vectorized the BTS Images in AI Software and uploaded that to a Vinyl cutter and it cut the shapes out on Vinyl and then I stuck it on top of the canvas. You can't really see it but the white Vinyl is actually quite shiny :D
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Oh my gosh it's so pretty ! 馃槏
Ahhhhhh it's so pretty!!! And awesome!!!!!!
馃槺馃槺馃槺 so beautiful and symmetrical!
I love it! You could sell these on etsy or something tbh
@Sungiekitten I had the same thought but I don't own a vinyl cutter ;n;