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Ok so I put favorite hair instead of color or style because I have very specific thoughts on Suho's blonde hair. But we'll get to that.
So I guess the best way to describe my favorite Suho hair would be Mama/History era. Now onto the blonde Suho issues.
Ok so this blonde Suho is hot! And I NEVER use that word and Suho's name in the same sentence. Lol
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@JaxomB I didn't at first.
Blond Suho is the best Suho. lol no but I do love him blond it looks good on him but so does dark hair. win win!
Overdose Blonde Suho didn't sit well with me. but the Mama/History hair was great
@ElleHolley I didn't like it at first. It was the long fluffy blonde I didn't like.
blonde Suho is everything