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“Portraits Génétiques” by Ulric Collette. A series of composited photos exploring the genetic similarities between family members. Born in 1979, Ulric Collette, self-taught photographer, studied art and graphic design in Quebec city in the late 90s and now work as art director for Collette, a communication studio in Quebec region. The work of Ulric has been presented in various websites, magazines and books all over the world (Prism, Global Investor, Esquire, Light and Lens, Snap, Fubiz, My Modern Met, Adobe, etc). Most recently, his work on the genetic portraits series was shortlisted in the world most prestigious advertising awards show, the Cannes Lion.
@PiuPiuPENGUIN yah in the beginning to look at some photo, I thought that it was the same person !! @alise actually there is a project about twin, but i cannot remember where it is anymore. Maybe in national geogpraphic. Should try to find it out .
This is so cool project !! I wonder how it would look like, if she would photograph the twin instead. Would be really nice to see !!
Oh wow this is amazing :O I love all of them, especially the guy in the last picture looks almost the same on both sides of his face!