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The East is now down to two teams.
Toronto and the Cavs are the last two teams left in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.
The Cavs have yet to go five games in this postseason, completing four-game sweeps over Detroit and Atlanta.
While the Cavs has shot the ball hot, Toronto has had it's ups and downs offensively. With that being said, they have stepped up and played great when it matters most. They also are probably the best defensive team left in the playoffs. The Cavs defensively are murky at best. Irving has been known to fall asleep at the wheel defensively, which will hurt the team big against a potent backcourt like Demar Derozan and Kyle Lowry.
The big matchup will be Lebron James vs. Demare Carroll. Toronto bought him for series just like this. He's a combo forward who can play small or power forwards on defense at a high level and can also contribute offensively. If Toronto is to win this series, he will have to hold his own against Lebron in this one.
I think they can. I think Toronto's commitment to defense and rebounding will allow them to win this series in 7.

Who do you think will win this series: Raptors or the Cavs?

I second DucktheFodgers' comments
It's going to be Cavs vs Warriors
Cavs of course
I have to go with my Cavs