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When one of my friends on Facebook shared these images of these cutesy cutie crocheted pokemon, I nearly lost my mind. Pokemon on their own are already super cute but seeing them as crocheted guys does something to me that is hard to describe.
You know, it's like when you see a cute puppy and you can't help but propose to him/her. Does anyone else feel that way? That happens to me constantly. Anytime I see a small animal, I'm like "hey you, let's spend the rest of our lives together".
But my personal issues aside, heartstringcrochet made these cutesy little laying down pokemon for all of us to gawk at until we cry because we don't know how to crochet. I mean, it's like we haven't tried. We bought that one book at Barnes & Noble that was like "Hey even a dummy could do this" and when we couldn't do it, we weren't sure where on the dummy scale we landed...
Geez, I might need to go back to therapy. I've got a lot of crochet-related issues going on.