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As fan is asking him when will he be back.... he posted on IG soon... (I love this photo of him and his nice Booty!!)
We all miss him!!!!
Please take care!!
We love you♡♡♡♡
Yea. And whats that creepy doll in the corner of the tub by him??
@KDSnKJH I noticed that too...I think is an "ART" piece......
@lovetop 😂😂😂😂😂 How abt creepy b-day present for Taeyang?
@KDSnKJH @lovetop hahaha..I didn't even notice that doll until y'all mentioned it...SOMEONE had diverted my attention to a booty at the time 😶
@JamiMilsap.....I was very "Focus" on his booty first...but after looking at his photo...many many times while drooling....I noticed that doll...I won't want no creepy doll in my bathroom...but our Bingu...enjoy as "ART"!! If you notice from the reflection of the mirror…there are more decorations on the other side too. @KDSnKJH...I don't know if Taeyang will like it....(he will prefer Animals)