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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Teen Romance. If you haven't Read the Previous Chapters, you might want to check them out first. 👇 Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Who are you?

A Couple weeks later. they announced at school that Prom Was coming up this weekend. and I was so Excited. I had already Bought a brand new White Dress for the occasion, It was beautiful. It's just another boring day at school, and I haven't spoken to Namjoon since the day he uncovered the Truth about Rachel. I see him around the school, but he doesn't talk to anybody. There's just something about him that's so Mysterious. I can't figure out what it is. He seems as if he's got a Big secret he's hiding. Sometimes I feel like he's watching my every move. I'm sitting at the lunch table with my Friend Mary. Mary is my one and only friend in the entire school. She's not going to the prom because her and her family are going to Hawaii for two weeks. "So, do you have a date to the prom?" Mary asked me while smiling. "No, I think I'm just going to go alone." I said. "Oh, Come on, Why don't you ask somebody?" She suggested. "No. I'm Way too shy." I said. "Come on, Who makes your Heart flutter?" She Jokingly Asked in a Melodramatic voice with her hands over her heart. "Well, I..." I stop in mid sentence, and All of the sudden, Namjoon enters the Lunchroom. It's as if everything is Moving in Slow motion as I look at him. He Looked so Handsome in his Black leather jacket, and Blonde Hair. "Oh, You like Namjoon!" She presumed while Smiling and looking at me while Raising her eyebrows up and down. "NO!" I shouted Defensively. "You like the new boy." She said while picking on me. Namjoon starts walking toward the table. "Come on, Talk to him!" She said. "No, I can't." I whispered as he walks closer. "I'm Gonna tell him." She said. "No!" I whisper a little harshly as he walks closer. Namjoon walks by. I try to make conversation with him. "Hey, Namjoon." I said to get his attention. He stops and looks at me. "Are you Going to the Prom this Weekend?" I asked. "No. I hate proms." He said. "But I hope you have fun." He continued with a smile on his face as he starts to walk away. "SHE THINKS YOU'RE HOT!" Mary Jumps into our Conversation. "HUSH!" I Exclaimed as I quickly try to cover her Mouth with my hand. Namjoon Giggles and Walks away with a smile on his face. "Well, I think he likes you." Mary says as she sits there laughing her head off at my reaction as I die from embarrassment next to her. I bang my head on the Table over and over again. "How could you embarrass me like this?" I ask while Feeling Mortified. Mary just sits there laughing while Banging her hand on the table. The Night of the prom arrives and I stand there looking at myself in the Full length mirror in my New white Dress, My hair and makeup is Just right, and I'm wearing the pearls that my mom let me borrow for this special occasion. I Arrive there at the prom, and As I walk in, every eye turns Toward me. Brook approaches me and looks me up and down, "Well, it looks like you CAN put Lipstick On a pig." She remarked. But it's Still a Pig." She snubbed. Brook's date walks up "Hey Brook, Let's go dance." He suggested while trying to intervene. I could see that she has no feelings for this guy whatsoever. She's just dating him to Make David Jealous. Later that night, they start to announce Prom Winners. I hear the announcer While they announced prom queen, I hear my Name over the loud speaker. It felt like my heart stopped beating. I was speechless and Excited as I walk up the stage to give my speech. I stand there on stage as everybody cheers. "Thank You all So much!" I exclaimed with Joy as they put a sash around me. All of the Sudden, A large bucket of Red Kool-Aid pours on top of me. As I was in shock from it being so cold. The Crowd Points at me Laughing as I stand there Crying and Shivering. I Look down at my once Beautiful White dress that is Now Stained With Red Kool-aid. Brook and her friends Run up on stage laughing while Taking pictures of me on their phones as they mock me and call me names. My hair is Ruined, my Makeup is Running. I feel Chills all over my body from it being so cold. Everybody's Laughing at me. "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Shouts a Loud booming voice from the Crowd. It was so loud, the Whole Room Shook at the sound of his voice. It felt like an earthquake. The Crowd Goes silent, and parts like the Red Sea. There Stands Namjoon in the Center of the Room. He Storms Up on he Stage as his Eyes are Glowing a Bright Blue. with black circles around his eyes. His Teeth start forming into fangs. This was not Namjoon, this was someone else. I'm Terrified while he approaches me as I see him like this for the first time. "That Trash is Not worth your Time." Brook Smarted off from behind him. NamJoon Quickly Turns his head Towards her. LEAVE NOW!!! He Snarled at her. Brook Runs off Terrified of him. He turns towards the people in the crowd, "WELL, WHAT ARE YOU ALL STILL STANDING THERE FOR?!" He asks them in a Growling Voice. The Crowd leaves in a panic. Then Namjoon Continues to approach me. "Stay back!" I cry while Terrified and Shivering. Namjoon Takes off his Jacket and Walks closer to me. My heart is Pounding through my chest. I'm trying to catch my breath. "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" I warn him as I hold my hands up to defend myself from him. Namjoon takes his jacket and Wraps it around me. Namjoon Looks straight into my eyes and places his hand on my shoulder. "Are you scared of me?" He asked in a gentle Voice. I couldn't Answer him. I look deep into his glowing eyes. Namjoon places his hand gently on my cheek. "I'm not going to hurt you." He said Sweetly. "Who...who...Are you?" I ask Fearful of him. "I think it's time I tell you the Truth." He says. He reaches his hand out. "Come with me." He said Very Gently. I reach out and place my shaking Hand in his.
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YES!! NAMJOON I LOVE YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME!! I love this.Its so sweet I'm shaking
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@SerenaArthurs I'm glad you like it. 🤗
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Its getting better and nicer ! Only its too short ! Tag me please !
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