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Okay if you're in a good mood or in public, don't read this card. You may or may not cry. Please heed the warning before proceeding.
Okay then, everyone meet my dog Ana. She's a pure bred German Shepard and my family has had her for 13-14 years, basically my entire life because I'm 17 right now. Well, about 2 weeks ago we went to the vet and we were told that she barely had any muscle left and you can tell by the way she walks now that her hip bones are showing very clearly. She has no muscle on her back legs anymore which makes it really painful for her to walk. She can't get up anymore without my mom and I helping lift her up. She shakes when she walks and when she goes to lay back down she just falls over, plopping down onto the ground. She doesn't get up anymore, hell she won't even lift her head up to get a drink of water or eat. I hand feed her and make sure she gets as much water as she can get. Now why am I telling you all this? Well, I probably won't be on Vingle for a while because tomorrow (May 18), at 4pm, Ana is getting put down. She's in too much pain and we don't want her to suffer any longer. I know she's in a lot of pain and she'll be in a better place but I'm selfish and I don't want her to go. She's saved me and my family so many times.
Ana saved me from myself. Before I found Vingle and all you lovely people, I was kind of in a dark place. I was 'friends' with some people that used me for my car or my inability to say no and I was fed up with everything. I took a razor from my bathroom, went into my room and stood there. I was about to slit my wrists with a razor. Well before I was able to put the razor on my arm, I heard my door open. Guess who opened my door? Ana pushed my door open with her nose and just stared up at me, then walked over to me and rubbed her head on my leg. I owe my life to my dog, and whoever says dogs 'don't have feelings' or are just 'mindless and dumb animals' are completely wrong. Dogs can sense when you're sad or something bad is about to happen. No one can tell me otherwise.
She's my K-Pop buddy. She listens to Big Bang, BTS, 2NE1, etc with me and she doesn't complain. She was my first K-Pop friend and really my first friend ever. I think she likes listening to K-Pop because usually when I play other music she kicks my phone with her paws.
These are some pictures I took yesterday of us. I usually don't post pics of myself, especially me crying but I wanted to share these because Ana.
Well, I guess this isn't goodbye, but it's more of a see you later. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
@Animaniafreak dogs will always be mans best friend, and I know Ana won't be in pain anymore but it still hurts to see her go. @JessicaChaney if my family put my dog down without me, probably never would've forgiven them. Also, Kida is in a better place now. All dogs go to heaven (that movie made me cry so hard) and maybe Ana will meet her up there and they can play together while they wait for us. @caricakes my dogs given me some of the funniest and weirdest memories I have. I'll always cherish them, and thank you. Thank you, everyone.
I'm so sorry to hear this. I recently had to put down my best friend for 10 years and it was so hard. But just know that you gave her an AMAZING life and that every second she spent with you she was the happiest she could have ever been. I miss my dog every day, but I'm so thankful for the memories she gave me. She was the best sister/best friend I could have ever had and I'll never forget her. If you need to talk I'm here! Be strong!
I know what it's like to put down a dog who was there for you your whole life. I had a dog who got diabetes, the vets said she would only live a year, she lived three more. When I was about twelve we had to put her down. I grew up with this dog, 10 years of my life I spent with her. When I had a bad day or was sick or came home crying she was there. She got really sick after they discontinued her insulin type and had to switch her to a different type that wasn't compatible with her. I had another dog more like a puppy who relied on her like an older sister. Talking about this right now makes me want to cry. I didn't know my dad put her down until after he had done it. I miss her so bad sometimes, her name was Kida. She was the sweetest most kindest dog ever, when she died my other dog forgot how to be a dog. I know it's been 5 years but it still hurts sometimes.
I know just how you feel, I'm sorry you are loosing such an amazing friend. sometimes dog seam just like dogs to everyone else but us and we can't find someone that can relate to our pain because of it. being that she has been with you so long and saved you and I know how hard it can be. my dog, Kirara is a very sweet dog and we are extremely close.. she gets very anxious when I leave her alone and she has saved me from many things too. I know how it feels like right now, I'm glad you guys made the unselfish decision to put her to rest, because if you had not done it she would have kept in fighting to make you happy too = / they are so selfless and beautiful. I hope you can pass thru this and just keep amazing memories.
@cardboardart thank you, I really liked the name kirara =) I know it's hard now... poor girl, hope everything passes quickly, I can't imagine going thru that with mines so I know it's hard
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