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Dong Saya Dae BgA Dance Practice Video

BgA back at it again with the slaying. They did a dance practice video and this is more like a who is pair with who video.
Lets talk about how I already bought my oneway ticket for the #Junstin ship and I plan on never getting off.
look at the way J lite grabs his man! He anit gonna let no one get in their way. Lets just say 2:09 to 2:11 in this video is not for the innocent lol
Jeungri face is priceless. Like what do I do Im too young to be tied down lol
When you need to a shit but have to hold it in.
When you no longer care what going on in life.
This right here looks like two couples fighting lol Someone start a ship name for them!!
When will the fanfictions start to rise? Will we be getting official lightsticks? What will they look like? Im guessing poop emoji lol Whats next? Crazy boyfriend Ver? Im officially a BgArmy lol Member Profiles and Music Video: HERE Dance Ver: HERE
i freaking love them! haha i missed watching them and now that they made this new song out to omg!~ haha i loved it~
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