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Kyungil looks over Lee’s head at you, shaking his head but you ignore him.
Lee turns to you with a sneer; seeing you she starts to laugh.
“An American midget? Really darling I thought you had better taste.”
Warning voices come from TOP and Jiyong but she just laughs them off with a wave of her hand. She turns back to Kyungil,
“Shall we teach your little plaything how to play with the big kids?”
She bends over and licks his chest, her hand moving down and grabbing his crotch.
You don’t care if you’re ‘official’ or not, you now see red and this bitch is going down. You grab her arm spinning her away from Kyungil,
“I SAID, hands off bitch; that includes your disgusting little tongue.”
Lee turns with hands on her hips,
“He was mine first, ‘officially’ Eh-ja.” She pulls your hand up, “I don’t see any jewelry, I guess that just makes you just his little boji shibal.” She smirks and turns back to Kyungil.
“Don’t talk to her that way,” Kyungil growls out at her. She doesn’t even bat an eye, just plays with the buttons on his shirt.
“You don’t really mean that, she can’t be THAT good. Do I need to remind you how good it was between us?” She reaches up and pulls Kyungil’s head down as she attacks his mouth. You’re about to lose your dinner, the sight is absolutely sickening. Within seconds Kyungil has pushed her away. He wipes at his lips, rubbing off any trace of her.
“I was either high or drunk each time with you, can't say as I really remember. Leave Lee, I don't want anything to do with you.”
He walks past her and comes over to stand next to you, placing his hand protectively on your shoulder.
She huffs, tosses her hair back and pushes her boobs out.
“Whatever, have your little American whore, you’ll grow sick of her soon enough. Then you’ll be back.”
As she moves to walk off Jak steps in her path, her voice an icy whisper,
“What did you just call her?”
Lee blows her hair out of her face and turns to Jiyong.
“Your little psycho pet is loose Ji, you really should keep a leash on her or at least try to tame her.”
Jiyong smiles, “Why would I want to do that? I'll enjoy watching her kick your ass.”
She looks shocked as her eyes widen but she tries to laugh it off, “As if.”
She turns back and is sent sprawling across the floor as Jak’s fist connects with her nose. Blood spurts out and she gives out a cry,
“Ah! She HIT ME! Somebody DO something!”
Kyungil, TOP, and Jiyong all start to clap which just infuriates her more. Jak walks over and grabs her by the spare piece of fabric on her chest. She gives a little girl cry as her back is lifted off the floor.
“Call me whatever you want slut but you mess with [YN] or Ji and you haven’t even SEEN psycho. Got it?!?!”
She nods with a whimper and Jak drops her back to the floor. As Jak turns to walk back to Ji, Lee snarls and sweeps her leg to try and trip her. Jak whirls around and steps on the kicked up leg, brutally bringing it back down to the floor. As she stands on her she adds,
“Oh, one more thing. See if your tiny little brain can process this; LEAVE Kyungil ALONE. He doesn’t need you or your poison, he’s happy for once. Also, try to hurt or touch me again and I’ll break your bones.”
Jak grinds her foot into Lee’s calf, being rewarded by a small cry of pain, and walks over into Jiyong’s arms. He’s been glaring over at Lee but now he’s smiling and kissing Jak on the head. He signals for security to come over and escort Lee out. Lee’s sputtering and cussing the whole way,
"I'm going to press charges! This will in the papers! Take your hands off me!"
You look over at Jak and Ji, fearful that she could hurt Jak in some way but Ji just shrugs.
“She can’t really do anything with all these witnesses. But let her try.”
He lifts Jak’s hand and kisses the bruise now forming; takes her other hand and leads her off to the dance floor. Your last glimpse of them is of him enfolding her in his arms and stroking her back, trying to help her settle down.
Kyungil takes your hand and leads you off to a bench in the corner.
“I’m ashamed you had to witness that or be part of it.”
You just shrug your shoulders, looking down,
“She was right about a few things. I just don’t appreciate the way she said them.”
He lifts up your head so you look him in the eyes,
“Nothing she said was correct. You aren’t any of those things!”
You tilt your head out of his hands and look him square in the eyes,
“Then what exactly am I to you Kyungil?
“You know how I feel about you; does it have to have a name right now?” He cups your face in his hands, dragging his lips across yours in a pre-emptive kiss.
“I only want you, to be with you. You know that right? Have I not shown you that enough?”
You push his hands down, “Words are nice too. That way I’m not guessing or assuming something that could be totally false.”
He pulls back, closing his eyes, “[YN] don’t start this again please. It’s been a shitty night.”
“Wow, really? Because I thought today and tonight, up until thirty minutes ago was pretty great. Sorry for my misassumption.”
You stand to walk off when he grabs your arm. His shoulders are slumped, his head hanging down, but he lifts his pleading eyes to yours, “[YN]”.
Kyungil, Jak did not just go through that just for you to ruin it 😡
The guys clapping had me laughing so hard! I freaking love this story! Now let's figure some stuff out, we don't need to rush this, but we do need to talk about it.
daebak! that last scene so legit.. the back and forth between the two.. the uncertainty... gosh I was holding my breath a little.
Yay Jak!!👏👏
Kyungil just make it official. Just say it
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