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One night I was bored and started editing Anime boys into my pictures because yes, I am one of those girls that wishes Anime guys existed and I would gladly date one if i had the chance. I am an Otaku! So be it! What do you prefer? Or if you like girls, Anime girls or real girls?
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I love these pictures there awesome! I love Anime guys and wish they were real
the pictures are lovely! and I would pick anime boys. if real life boys acted like anime boys then my life would be complete
@KalynHay I would give up my kingdom to be an anime boy for you and to be one of the ones in your pictures lol :) I know real life boys can seem, boring and far less attractive as anime boys, but as a real life boy, I could be just about anything for a girl I cared for. I'd be as much like any of your anime boy crushes as I could. all you ladies keep that in mind, maybe you can't have THE anime boy himself but us real boys, we can be anything you want
Sweetest comment ever!! ^^^ @SAMURXAI
@KalynHay awh glad you though so. I am sure you get quite a bit of, creepers saying all sorts of crazy things, I sometimes say crazy things but. Nothing I don't mean. You're very pretty, and would have all the anime boys bleeding out of their noses lol