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@CuteBabyLay ok so i made this one it may not be the best but i ship you with Bang Youngguk!! because he has that charm that can make any girl or guy fall for him, he may look like a big guy and people may think he is scary but inside we all know that he is such a fluff ball haha~ he is adorable in a way and i think you would go perfect together~ i can just see it omo omo omo~ haha sorry fangirling now haha~ Youngguk dosen't seem like a person to really go out much so i think he would also be perfect for you as well and he likes to hangout with friends and so do you so i think you two would be perfect for each other~ i can see it~ omo omo omo~ sorry fangirling again haha~ hope you liked it im not very good at it but i still hope you liked it sorry if it isn't the person you really wanted or isn't your bias but yea~ thats who i can see you with don't hate me! haha~
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