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@mrsjeon i ship you with Lee Joon you guys are just omg! cuteeee~ to me it seems like you and Lee Joon would be compatible together i can see it so cute~ haha dont hate me~ i think you go good with Lee Joon no lie so cute~ sorry im fangirling haha hope you liked it
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@mrsjeon haha 😂😂 *dance with you kookie and tae*
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@taetaebaozi bro *dabs*
2 years ago·Reply
@mrsjeon haha 😂 oh my haha *just dances to fire and i need you screams i need you to taehyung*
2 years ago·Reply
*Jungkook screams I need you to tae as well* the love for tae is strong with these 2
2 years ago·Reply
@mrsjeon ikr haha
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