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It feels like the first day of summer here and I am so lazy to do my hair. It's weird because I usually spend more time on my hair during the weekend compared to the weekday. I went jogging this morning. Although, it was only for 30 minutes my body has started to feel so exhausted. When I'm exhausted I have no energy to beautify my hair. I just hoped into the shower, blow dry it and pull it back into a ponytail. Yeah, not that creative or cute. So, I was looking up some tutorials to disguise my future post-workout hair and found a couple of adorable top knots. I categorized them into hair length, so there's ideas for everyone!

Short Hair

Those with above the shoulder hair length.
Teeny Top Knot. This mini top knot is extremely adorable and amazing for fine hair. The twists on the top create the illusion of extra volume.
Simple and Sophisticated. Not a fan of wispy pieces? This vloggers shows you how to get a professional top knot using bobby pins! Perfect for work during the summer.

Medium Length

Hair that falls on the shoulder or slightly passed the shoulder.
Perfect Messy Top Knot. Here's an effortless updo perfect for lounging at home or on campus. This specific tutorial is helps keep your hair look slightly distress without looking like a hot mess.

Long Hair

Hair length way pass the shoulder.
Braided Top Knot. For longer hair length, you have the flexibility to include two styles in one hair. Braids and buns! Refer to the video above for a sleek style!
So cute. I love your personality!
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