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Just fresh from high school, want to hope on the plan flight to South East Asia to see the different world. Or Hold onto your hand is a brand new University degree, but do not want to be on the hook of making money. You don't have to be rich or young to take some time out to do something different, at home or abroad. So what and where would you want to do and to go in your Gap year to do something different?
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I want to go to india for the food/crowds/mess of people. I think I could spend 3 months easily there and not have seen it all. I'd like to see africa too, but its probably harder to get around africa alone. Especially cause some countries are kind of dangerous.
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@happyrock :South America, that is awesome ! I heard the food there is really delicious ! If I could spend half a year in South America, I would love to learn all the dance in there :)
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@curtisb for the mess of peope !? :D dude, you are weird man ! just kidding. That is always interesting to see all those messy things in different countries you travel to :)
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I mean for the huge amounts of people and crowds! But yeah I know what you mean, "the journey is the reward" and all that 'hallmark' stuff
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I would love to go to Korea, Seoul there is so many things to see and do and I love korean culture
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