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God Hates Me Most.

The expressions of the guys in the last frame are seriously killing me. "Damn. Bacon's delicious. You're clearly f**ked."

Can you think of anything or anyone who has a worse life than a pig?
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@buddyesd maaaddd!!
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yes I do..cause I'm not just bacon..I'm handsomebacon
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The buffalo. They're born with wings, but, every year they're all poached for football season.
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all live stock have horrible lives, matched with a horrible death. but bacon and beef and chicken are more important to humans than anything else. I mean what would the world do without bacon? beef? and chicken? there would be nothing left to eat. of course that's not true. people enjoy the taste so they choose to eat it. If you eat meat then it just shows everyone how much you're willing to sacrifice to save the live stock in the world... and you're showing it doesn't really bother you. . .n
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