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WARNING: Mature Situations
His knock comes at the door thirty minutes later. You’ve just finished applying your make-up and Lee answers the door to him. You can hear them making small talk while you make sure everything’s just right. As you step from the bathroom he turns, smiles, and takes your hand to kiss it. As he straightens back up he says, for only your ears,
“I much preferred you this morning, but you are beautiful.”
Your body responds to not only his comment but the fire in his eyes. There’s a tightening in your gut, a flame beginning to burn and show through your own eyes. Well, hell, he’s not playing fair and you’re beginning to wonder just how long you can hold out. Can you make it past the weekend? You unconsciously lick your lips and his eyes follow the movement. He looks up at you, smiles with a raised eyebrow, takes a deep breath and turns towards Lee.
“Shall we? I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m starving!”
It doesn’t take much for you to get his double meaning. Lee walks out the door first, followed by you with his hand on your back; his thumb rubbing small circles.
When you arrive at the café, he makes sure the two of your legs are touching under the table. His hands and face are fully relaxed to anyone walking past. But by the time your food arrives, his leg is resting underneath yours.
When the conversation lags, his phone buzzes. He takes it out and fiddles with it a moment; a few seconds later your own phone goes off. Lee looks over and you shrug, pulling it free from your pocket.
"It isn’t Chad is it? Didn't we hear the last of him?”
You glance down at your text, [HN]. It takes everything you have to not smile. He’s sitting next to you but obviously not able to say what he wants.
You look up at Lee, “No. It’s an old friend. Let me just see what he wants.”
At the word ‘he’ [HN] dutifully looks up with a raised eyebrow. You look over and raise both eyebrows in response.
"What? You aren't my only male friend."
He stares at you a moment longer, nods and goes back to his phone.
[HN]: I cannot get enough of touching you. It has been so from the first moment, that first dinner was torture.
You swallow; he's definitely tossing his aces into the game.
YOU: I thought you were going to wait for me? It doesn’t seem like you’re playing fair.
[HN]: Only expressing myself, isn’t that important in relationships? Lovers or Friends?
You put your phone away and turn back to your food. He slides his plate away, does a few more things, then pockets his phone also. You can feel your phone vibrate in your back pocket. You look over at him sideways to which he simply lifts his coffee, blows on it; licking his lips after a sip. You try to start up a conversation with Lee but he interrupts, “Wasn’t that your phone again?”
You look over at him, “Probably. I’ll get it later.”
He holds your eyes for a moment, than concedes, nodding his head and going back to his coffee.
As you finish up he asks about plans for the day. The two of you respond with shrugs and shakes of your head.
He smiles, “Have you been up to the Dongpirang Wall Murals?”
Intrigued, you agree to go see them and set out on foot. It’s quite a hike but the art on the walls of the buildings is amazing when you finally arrive. Your favorite is a mural of a turtle boat. Phones come out, pictures and selfies abound while wandering around with the other tourists. You have to admit you are amazed that no one stops him or seems to recognize him.
As if reading your mind he laughs, “Most here in Korea pay us little attention. We are recognized more when we go out of the country.”
You stop at a small hole in the wall for lunch, then continue on exploring, ending up over at the cliffs before the day is over.
As you get back to the hotel, Lee claims exhaustion and begs off dinner. She’s moving into her new apartment tomorrow and states that she needs rest in order to start unpacking all the boxes she had sent over. The two of you drop her off at your hotel room door.
“Join me for dinner?” he asks as he pushes your hair behind your ear.
You nod, “Sure. I just need to get my things packed, we check out in the morning.”
“I’ll see you shortly then,” he states as he kisses your hand, touches your cheek, turns and walks to the elevator.
You’ve finished packing and are now sitting on your bed waiting for Lee to be done in the bathroom. You know what’s going to happen when you go up to have dinner with him. You can’t fight it or him anymore. You love him and the pull between the two of you is impossible to ignore. Even when you were ‘just friends’ it was there, the irresistible urge to be more, to just want to be with the other. You take your phone out and text Eun.
YOU: Eun, it’s [YN]. I hope I’m not bothering you.
EUN: You are fine, how are you?
YOU: Torn. I know what you said and I know what I feel but it goes against everything I believe.
EUN: Sigh. I am sorry this is difficult for you. I can understand. I had hoped telling you that we aren’t partners in any way but publicly would help.
YOU: You are more than that. You share a deep love for each other.
EUN: Yes, we do. He is a wonderful man which is why I want him to be happy. You seem to be the answer.
Your eyes tear up, God this is so unfair. Why can’t love be simple? Why do there always have to be complications at every turn?
A small voice whispers, ‘You first must discover its worth, than prove your willingness to accept, appreciate and take care of it’.
YOU: I want to be. Help me, give me something, anything, please.
It takes several minutes and you begin to wonder if she is even going to answer you.
EUN: No one but [HN] knows this, please; I’m trusting you.
EUN: [HN] and I were promised to each other as children. We’ve always been the best of friends and when I met and fell in love with someone else, he understood. Growing up together, we love each other as siblings, not lovers. Our families would not allow a break of the agreement, so publicly we are ‘the couple’.
EUN: I married my sweetheart a few days after my 25th birthday last month. Per the agreement that is the age we both had to be to cancel the agreement between our families without our parents permission. The lawyers are now finalizing the paperwork. I am sorry to cause the two of you pain due to my family. You can verify what I’ve told you with [HN].
You sit in stunned silence, staring at the wall when Lee comes out of the bathroom. She stares at you for a minute, waves her hand in front of your face, and sits down next to you.
“What is it? Something wrong?”
You have tears in your eyes as you look up at her and whisper, “She’s married.”
She looks confused and then catches on, “[HN]’s girlfriend is married? Like to another man?”
You simply nod but then grab her. “Oh my God, you can’t tell anyone! I wasn’t supposed to say anything, she's trusting me!”
Lee looks at you like your stupid.
“Seriously? Who am I going to tell? Plus it deals with your happiness, so my lips are sealed.” She looks around, “You done packing up?”
You nod, “I was just waiting for you to finish up in the bathroom so I could grab the last of my stuff.”
She grins, “All yours but hurry up. You have a very available man waiting for you upstairs.”
Looking over you notice she doesn’t appear tired at all, in fact she seems wired.
“You lied, you aren't tired. Why did you do that?”
She laughs, “The two of you think I’m blind? I’ve felt like a third wheel all day. Now grab your stuff and go get him tiger!”
I can breathe now. gosh felt like a weight was on my chest. it's not forbidden!!! woohoo!!!
ahhhh finally an answer to our questions! now I'm anxious for the next chapter!
I assumed something like that was going on. I'm thrilled for what follows!
Well that's an odd relationship 😂 eh, it works out for Y/n so it's all the better 😂
Yea, go get him tiger!! You've got nothing holding you back now, no excuses, absolutely nothing!! Now go jump his bones!!lol😊
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