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Make sure your fingers are like this when you’re chopping the vegetables.” Jin curled the ends of his fingers so his knuckles met with the side of the knife. You nodded, but to be honest, the second Jin rolled up his sleeves, and picked up a knife, you were more interested in him doing something else with his arms though.
The moved the sliced spring onions to one side of the chopping board and reached out for the bell peppers this time. You couldn’t help bitting your lips and admiring Jin’s body every time he moved or reached for something.
Your position, sitting against the counter gave you the perfect distance to touch Jin but not in the most obvious way. You reached your leg over until it came into contact with the back of Jin’s thighs. His loose basketball shorts allowed your feet you slide under easily, slowly pushing the material upwards as your leg raised higher up.
“Baby, stop distracting me.” Jin’s face is all scrunched up in concentration, he doesn’t even look at you to tell you off. Somehow that only makes you more determined to tell him exactly what you want.
You reached your leg over but towards the front of his thigh this time. You did the exact same thing as before, sliding your toe under the end of the material and shifting it upwards until it bunched towards his hip. He knew where you were heading to the minute your gestures started to change in direction.
“Baby? Are you going to let me cook?” He puts his knife down this time to look over at you. You try your best to put on an innocent I don’t know what you’re talking about face as you continued to rub the front of his shorts with your foot.
“I’m suddenly not that hungry anymore.” You lowered your foot and hopped back down to the floor. Jin turned towards you, leaning his hip against the counter as you slowly tipped toed forwards towards him. “Well, I’m hungry, but there’s something else I happen to want a little more than food.”
Jin cocks and eyebrow just as you run your hands against the smooth skin of his arms. They slide further up along his wide firm shoulders before they stop and settle, laced behind his neck.
“Something more than food huh? Is it sleep?” Jin inches his face a little closer to yours.
“Similar.” You tried to tip yourself up a little more to reach his lips, but Jin pulls backwards slightly cocking his head to the side.
“But I’m hungry.” You knew he was just denying you of what you wanted, it gave him the sense of power that sometimes he lacked in his daily life.
“Jin.” You voice was whiny as you rubbed your leg against the front of his shorts. You could already feel him hardening, so it wasn’t long before he would have to give in to your actions. “Jin.” Your voice was lower as you walked closer. You rested your lips against the shell of his ear and replaced your leg with your hand. You dug your palm against him and you hear his breath hitch slightly as your fingers slide over his perfectly rounded head.
“Baby, I’m hungry.” Jin’s voice was a little shaky and you knew you almost had him.
“So am I.” You whispered into his ear before kneeling slowly down to the ground in front of him. With one swift pull of his shorts, his hard red member was released from it’s confines. Jin was just able to switch off the fire before you diligently licked around his head, paying special attention to the underside of his cock. Flattening your tongue you allowed all of him to easily slide within you, hallowing out your cheeks to add more pressure against him.
“Shit, you win.” Jin pulls against your hair making you stand back up from the floor. His lips attacks yours eagerly as your hands wrapped around him, pumping him until he was fully erect. His lips detach from yours and he spins you around pinning you against the counter in front of you. You gripped the edge with your fingers as you felt Jin yank against your pyjama bottoms until they sat around mid thigh.
“No underwear, you planned this all along didn’t you?” Your response was a wonton moan as you felt Jin’s finger dip inside of you. “So wet too,” he leans over your body, pushing and gathering the material of your singlet upwards. He kisses down your bare back before gripping your gather singlet in one hand
He slides into you almost too easily and you release a satisfied moan when you feel him within you completely. When Jin doesn’t seem to move straight away you started to wiggle your butt against him, urging him to move already.
Your moments only earned you a light smack and you could practically hear Jin smiling behind you as you stilled your movements. “Behave baby, or else you won’t get what you want.” Jin’s fingers wrap around the side of your hips. He pulls out of your slowly, making sure you can feel every inch of him. His tip remains just within you, teasing you and just when you think he’s about to pull out he slams back into you rough and hard.
“Right there.” You were almost embarrassed at how worked up you were already. Jin had only started to move and you could already feel your orgasm rolling closer and closer.
“Not yet baby girl, you need to wait for me.” He pulls out of you but doesn’t give you enough time to even complain about the loss. He sits you back on the counter and slams right back into you without hesitation. You tug your singlet over your head and he’s made quick work of your bra, throwing it down onto the ground.
A slick film of sweat had started to form against your skin and Jin’s forehead as he chased both of your ends. Your fingers wind into the loose locks of his hair, pulling him closer as his lips kissed and teased along the skin of your neck and collarbones. You arched your back into him as he capture one of your nipples, pulling and sucking with no mercy.
His hips starts to snap even more violently within you and you hold on to dear life as you felt your orgasm rush through your body. It starts out as gentle soft pulses and it grows more and more violent the harder and faster Jin continues to thrust into you.
“Too much.” You were over sensitive and over simulated and luckily Jin reached his end soon after with a grunt of your name. His hips continued to move, slow and sensual thrusts until both of you settled down from your highs.
You pulled aside the collar of Jin’s shirt, allowing your lips to kiss and tug against the soft skin of his shoulders. You could feel the fast beats of your heart which were almost in sync with Jin’s shallow breathes. You worked your way up his neck, along his jawline, before finally finding his lips.
“I’m hungry.” You chewed slightly against Jin’s bottom lip and he laughs.
“Well, you had your chance and now your chief wants something else.” You yelp as Jin carries you over his shoulder. He gives your ass a slap before carrying you into the bedroom. “You better be ready to finish what you’ve started,” he said playfully before slamming the door close, the dinner plans completely forgotten.

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