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LOVERLYS!!!! 안녕하세요.. Hello KPopBeat back again with today's song!! Today I decided to do another newer group with great potential and a list of already great songs. MADTOWN. This seven member boy group is another like B.I.G that caught my attention when they first debuted. I seem to be able to pick out good groups but I never seem to pinpoint the ones that will be a crashing success. Personally though... I love going and finding new and lesser known groups.
MADTOWN debuted in 2014 with J. Tune Camp. Their debut song YOLO was an interesting one for me... I can say it honestly made me more curious about this group but over all it is not my favorite song from them..... Before I get to throwing MVs at you lets take a look at the group hmm?
I want to put so much more information about them... but this is supposed to be all about the MV isn't it... Maybe I will have to go along and put together a Card just on introducing the members.....
Well I think I have pulled your leg long enough... Here is my favorite song by MADTOWN... OMGT... and a couple others YOLO and New World....
Well? What do you think???? Interested in learning more about these boys? Want to hear more of their songs? Let me know what you think peoples...
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Well Until Next Time My Loverlys!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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I like MadTown!!