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Fashion Quiz: What's Your Handbag Style?
I was in the mood of playing with photoshop today, so I decided to make a quiz based on lifestyle and handbags. Don't count on it to be completely accurate!

Find your style and look for the recommended bag at the bottom of this card.

What did you get?
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@jordanhamilton wrist wallet? I also like carrying my wallet around but sometimes I feel like I might loose it in the midst of shopping.
a year ago·Reply
I always feel like I will lose mine and sadly, it's not a wrist wallet, but I def need to invest in once.
a year ago·Reply
i prefer to carry a backpack as i am always in rush
a year ago·Reply
my purse is a back pack purse. its small sits on my back and black leather simply goes with everything
a year ago·Reply
@shanu2905 backpack are always the best option on the run! @Nueoc that's neat! I've seen a couple of people carrying to fashion backpacks and I've been wanting to get one for traveling (since it's cute and convenient).
a year ago·Reply