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Tao smiled at himself as he walked down the sidewalk to your house. He let his eyes gaze around to the couple's and family's walking around. Tao wishes that someday you both will have a family together but first he has to muster up some courage. Tao didn't realize he was at your house until he ran into the mailbox. He let out a gasp and grabbed his stomach as he dramatically moved himself around. When he was finally done he walked up to the door and rang the door bell. You were drying your hair when you heard your doorbell ring. You stopped what you were doing and went to answer the door. There stood your skinny, tan, eyebagged best friend, which in your words looked like a panda. "TAO!" You smile and let him inside the house. Tao walked in and say on your couch. "ahh (Y/N) your couch is comfy" He let's out a long breath "um....Thanks??" You didn't know how to answer. Actually you knew you wanted to ask why he was here but you didn't k ow how to. You might sound like a stuck up b*tch if you do. "Hey (Y/N)?" "Yes?" You say as you start to pick up the living room. "What would you say if I told you I li- no love you. What would you do?" You were blushing. "I'd say yes" "Really?" Taos eyes widened. "Then will you be my jagi?" You smiled brightly and nodded. He smiled back and pulled you into a loving kiss. Maybe Tao will get his wish to be married with you forever. *END*
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Cute! 😍