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Fictional Characters I'd Totally Date

I just saw a card posted by @KalynHay about wishing boys from Anime were IRL boys too.

It got me thinking about fictional characters I would LOVE to come to life.

1. Poe from Star Wars

I know, I know, he's meant to be with Finn, but come on he seems like such an awesome, chill guy who happens to be handsome and smart and a badass. What's not to love?

2. Peeta from The Hunger Games

Yo, he'll make you bread 24/7. He's honest and kind and pretty open with his feelings (which in the long run is really important for a relationship). But really I'm all about the bread.

3. Shuichi Nakatsu from Hana Kimi

If you haven't seen the Japanese drama Hana Kimi, you should think about changing that stat. This guy is the second lead, totally open to falling in love with the main lead regardless of their gender and he's funny as hell. Seems like a totally hilarious, chill guy!

4. Tombo from Kiki's Delivery Service

Alright so he's a little clumsy and annoying at first but he's genuinely so intersted in Kiki and flying. And he's just so ENTHUSIASTIC. Enthusiasm for something is a big win for me, being passionate and knowledgable about one thing is super cool.

Who are some fictional characters YOU'D totally date?!

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Id date levi from AOT
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When I was younger I used to have a massive crush on Danny Phantom so I would date him to fulfill my childhood crush. I'd also date Chilbong (*cries*) from reply 1994 and Byunghee (*cries even harder*) from shut up flower boy band
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@sophiamor haha Danny Phantom was ultimate fictional character crush (along with Peter Pan) back in elementary school
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