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The novelist for this story was so superb I was stupid sly crying while on down time at training with my company and then the ending just made me smile so huge that even though I had to deal with the not fun at all training I had to do with weapons and Styx and everything it was all worth it!! This was better than kakashi's story even though kakashi's story was great, also Shikamaru is my 2nd fav Naruto character but I loved this so much I will def be reading it again!! I fell in love from like 2 words in haha!! Amazing light manga novel!! Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!! Shikamaru Rules!!
i haven't read it yet but where can I read it?!
@NourSamir it might be online otherwise you can buy it at Barnes & Noble or on Amazon I bought mine at Barnes & Noble as soon as it was released!! Such an amazing novel, kakashi's story was great too but this writer in Shikamaru's story just hits a home run!! Def happy to have it in my collection, can't wait til all 6 are released and I own em all!!